Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bead Fest Dreams

I have officially begun dreaming about beads, and Bead Fest.  I have had the dreams that I showed up and forgot my beads, or that no one bought them.  Then I awake to the panic of unfinished beads everywhere!  LOL.  This is my life right now.
Eat, take care of kids, make beads, sleep (a little), repeat.
But I can't wait.  And I am quite happy with what I am making. 
Finally done painting and sealing all the polymer beads.

So that feels like progress!  I also started putting these loose beads
Into sets
I stayed up late polishing all my bronze, so that I could seal it this morning.  Before polishing......

After polishing
First hiccup this morning- the bronze oxidized more over night, and I need to re-buff them again before sealing.  *sigh*
Second hiccup was when I opened the kiln- which should have been my last kiln load- and found all my copper poppies broken.  I guess I will try to squeeze in one more load, because I really wanted to have these for Bead Fest.

I am not the only one who has suffered the loss of broken beads in this madness that is Bead Fest prep.  It's part of the game.  So I will drink my coffee, and enjoy this fall like weather we are having here in Pa.  I will string my sets, and make more copper poppies, and finish the metal work that is needed for my crazy urchin beads. (below)

Then I will make a sample for the kits Genea and I have been working on and write the instructions.


After those things are done, its just little stuff like pricing each bead, and packing stuff for the show.
Two full studio days would be good, but with summer coming to a close for the kids, there is much to get done around here. 
School starting is always bittersweet for me.  I love the quiet time when they go back, but I do miss them.  I worry for them.  We have some big changes this year, Aiden goes to the middle school and Collin starts full day- first grade.  Julia goes into third, which is a pretty challenging year from what I remember with Aiden.  I hope they adjust quickly and make friends and love their teachers.  That's all I want for them.  To enjoy school, so learning comes easily.
So that is my ramble- it's what's going on around here.  Can't wait to see my friends, and sell my wares, and see all my friends art in person in one week. 
If you are coming to Bead Fest- make sure to ask about the gathering Saturday night, with food, wine and giveways- hosted by Melinda Orr of Artisan Whimsy and Creative Bead Chat.  It's a great time!


  1. I'm so excited! Your beads look beautiful and I will actually have the opportunity, thanks to my dearest friend, Lori, to attend Beadfest and meet all the talented artists I follow online and see their gorgeous beads in person! Thanks for sharing a peek of what we'll see at Beadfest! Hope to see & meet you in Philly!

    1. Awesome! Please stop by and introduce yourself! Are you coming with Lori Anderson? that lori?

  2. You have been so very busy, Miss Staci! I love all the colors of those trays and I am mourning the loss of the poppies with you. Wishing for many creative hours to come before the show and a great time to be had by all. Please say hello to everyone for me! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Well, I can't be at Bead Feast ~ too far away ~ but I could go shopping right from your photos, everything! Hope you have some leftovers for your E-shop. Have a great time!!

  4. I hope you sell everything you bring, it all looks fabulous! Have a wonderful time, wish I was going!! Bummer on the copper pieces, I hope your next batch makes it through. Cory

  5. I hope for sure to steal a few moments with you and your amazing beads! I am getting nervous that the few hours I have there will not be enough to see and do everything I want, of course it won't! For sure I will find you! Can't wait! All your beads look better than fantastic!