Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Painting the Beads

I have finally begun painting the beads.  It is taking forever.  I only have the first layer on.
As I am painting them, I keep thinking there is probably a quicker way to do this.  To sort them out ahead of time, and do groups in one color...but I can't.  I just cannot do it that way.  Each bead gets picked up, looked at, until I know what color it should be, then I paint it, and then I add complimentary colors.  And then I take some off, and put some more on and do that until I am satisfied.
Then it gets put aside to dry.  This is layer ONE.  These beads will get 2-4 more layers of paint and sealer until they are considered done in my book.
Yeah, I could pump these out and save time, but then they wouldn't have that had loved feel to them.  They each wouldn't be unique.
So this afternoon, back to painting.  I only got two trays done...I have a packed tray of earrings to do yet, a bowl of loose beads for sets, my stars for the kits Genea and I will be selling, and my doodle beads.  That's all. 
Oh yeah, and more metal clay.
So here is what I got done yesterday.  Hoping today is more productive.
Here are my Graffiti Beads.  Some get a layer of antiquing, others done, then sealed.

Here is a large spiral flower and a little Totem Owl

And these are the majority of my colorful beads- fish, hearts, owls and random donuts and connectors in some fun colors.  they get layers of antiquing, crackle, more antiquing and sealing yet.  Maybe I won't crackle them all, we will see!!!

If I get another kiln of bronze done tonight, I will post some pics of my new metal clay tomorrow.
In the meantime- since not all of you can make bead fest, I am giving 20% off in both my shops until next Wednesday!!!!  I will not be listing new items- and this wouldn't apply to special orders or requests (which I most likely don't have time to do right now anyway- sorry). 
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  1. I process jewelry the same way. Each thing I do gets it's own attention. Sometimes I feel like I should be doing it (making product) faster but I just can't. Each thing carries it's own feeling and pulls itself out of me. It's fun to see your process too! I always enjoy reading your posts. Have fun at Bead Fest!

  2. I know exactly what you mean by an easier way to do this (painting) or in my case glazing. I probably had about 30 pendants to glaze and fire so it's been a major time investment. Then you see them after the glaze firing and opps.... some look great whereas some not so much. Back to the drawing board!

  3. WOW! Those colorful beads are looking wonderful I must say. The idea is really creative and innovative. My daughter loves to make such handmade beaded jewelry. Although she often wear Kilkenny newbridge silverware jewelry, but sometimes she also love to do experiments with clay and beads. I will surely suggest her the above idea.