Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bead Fest Loot

Bead Fest Philly was amazing.  I will be doing a few separate posts about it because there was just so much to process.  The show was amazing, the friends were great, the people I met were great, the beads....................oooohhhhhhh the beads.
So, without further ado, here is the loot I came home with.  Sunday was swap day I and I swapped for a lot of art beads.
Here is a good pic (from my friend Diana P) of me in my booth.  I didn't get one for myself.
OK, for the loot.  First the Art beads.

Below is my Art Bead Loot- broken up by artist.

 Bead Swap Loot from Linda Landig- my beautiful and fun bead swap partner

 Diane Hawkey-I had to get some of her rustic beads- and that moon over the ocean with the heart, well, you all know the ocean is my heart.  LOOOOVE it.  Finally got to meet Diane too, and she is fabulous.  What a great energetic soul!
 close up of Diane Hawkey beads

 Keysha of Koy Glass.  I have wanted some of her stuff for a LOOOOONG time as well.  She is super sweet in person too.
 close ups of Koy Glass

 Joan Miller Porcelain- right up my alley with these great textures
 Sue Beads with some fabulous colors for fall
close ups below

 My first stones from the great Gary Wilson-   his cabs and beads are organic and amazing!!!!!
 and my loot from my booth partner Genea Beads.  Close ups below.  I was happy there was some left for me at the end of the show !!!!

 Molten Mayhem by Jan O.
 An enameled bead by HEHE Beads- Heather M.
 Hands of the Hills of course (sorry its sideways- no time to edit)
 The beautiful art of Jenny Davies-Reazor
 Marsha Neal Studio brought me some goodies that I was running low on!!!! (and chocolate)
 Headpin by Sandi Volpe- isn't it great?  I didn't even know she was dabbling in the glass world!  I think she is a natural.
And now for the gemstones.  Most came from Holy and Pure Gems...my favorite vendor for gemstones.  I am being lazy, and doing group pics.  I am still so tired its crazy.

 awesome labradorite with flash
 My pearls- thank you Heather M!!!!!!
and plenty of ammonite strands
I also got a ton of Wooley Wire- which did not get photo'd, so that will be in another post !!!!
It was fun, and a blur, and I am really tired.  I got to meet lots of you guys and I will blog about all that later.  It meant a lot to me to meet so many people I only know online. 


  1. YOU MY FRIEND.. got alotta beads at this show! ENJOY them!

    1. Sunday was sloooooow. we all just kept trading and trading.

  2. I think I might just roll around in all that beady goodness .... oh wait ... would not want to hurt any beads! but wow ... that is some loot!

  3. WOW!!!! And I thought I hit the jackpot trading with you!!! What a great loot!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! That is the mother load! I read down, I scrolled up for another look and then back down again, I love everything in the bunch! You have such a fantastic eye, now I just can't wait to see what you will make with it all (after much rest and back to school behind you :))

  5. What an amazing haul you brought home with you! You'll be able to feed off that energy and inspiration for a while :-)

  6. Wow - what you got looks like a bead show in itself!! Gorgeous things - can't wait to see what you do with them. I always love your work.

  7. Oh my... I so wish I could have gone... You have a swoon worthy stash right there. I think I am going to stare at the photos some more :) Enjoy!!!

  8. That is an amazing assortment of beady goodness! I am in awe of their beauty. How fun to trade with other artists-lucky, lucky girl!! Looks like you returned home with a lot of wonderful treasures to design with and I look forward to seeing the results! Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you-this is a serious amount of bead heaven-it made my day! ;)

  9. Well all I can say is that I'm drooling over your wonderful bounty of beads!!!

  10. Good haul! I love the color palette you have going with the rusts and dark salmons, the crusty black (love Diane Hawkey and her fab beads!) and all the great gems. Holy and Pure is one of my go-to stops at Bead & Button. Just wish they had an online shop that I could pick stuff up in. Thanks for sharing. Now let's see what you do with all this inspiration! Enjoy the day. Erin

  11. I have bead envy, wish we had such a creative bead fest in UK!