Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sea Glass Drilling and Kits

Did you know that I have a free sea glass drilling tutorial on my website?  It even has a link to a video (sort of armature, seeing how my young daughter shot the film, still helpful though).
I love being able to drill my own sea glass, shells and stones.  It has opened a whole new world for me.

I am selling some kits of seaglass and drill bits at a discounted price on my facebook page this week.

To drill sea glass you will need:

a cordless dremel
diamond drill bits
cross lock pliers (you can hold it with your fingers too, some people prefer that)
collet to fit the bits (mine I sell use 1/16")
sea glass
a dish to drill in with water in it

The kit only has two diamond tip drill bits (the ones I use and love) and sea glass-jewelry quality, in a variety of sizes and shapes and colors.  The rest is up to you.  Each 2x3" bag is filled with pieces! They are usually $25 per bag, but will be only $15 each this week.  You don't get to pick which bag you get, but they are all great with nice pieces for your jewelry creations.


I am also selling supplemental bags - regularly $20 each- of just sea glass, no drill bits, and they will be only $15 each (plus shipping, details on facebook).  These are great prices for jewelry grade sea glass!!!  

The winter is my favorite time to drill- since I am indoors more, it is fun to pull out my summer treasures and create things with them.

Take advantage while you can!  Supplies are limited!

Look at the fun you can have with drilling your own glass!


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