Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BTW~ Drilling Sea Glass Tutorial

This weekend was a wonderful holiday weekend.  It included a lot of picinics, as well as a day trip to the shore.  I really needed that trip.  I have a sea glass festival to prepare for, and it was just the inspiration I needed to work hard these next few weeks.  There is just something about standing where the land meets the sea.  A joining of forces, an endless ocean with wonders that abound.  The water was cold and we spent much of our time just beachcombing, which is our favorite family passtime anyway!

How could that not inspire you to get into your sea glass?

Since this Bead Table Wednesday I am just drilling sea glass, I decided to make a tutorial on it.  I have been wanting to share how I do it for awhile (I am sure there are many styles to it, but this is how I do it).  My daughter was my camera person, so please forgive any whispers or fingers you may see on the film, she is 6, and did the best she could.

So here is the bead table

And here is the box I need to fill with drilled sea glass so I can make enough jewelry.  I will probably fill it, use it all, and then fill it again to take with me for last minute stuff. 

OK.  To drill your own sea glass, you will need:
cordless rotary tool
diamond drill bits (I get mine on ebay from diamondcuttingtools)
glass or metal dish with water and a drop of dishsoap in it
pliers (or wrech) to hold the sea glass (please note they will get rusty, so designate a pair for just this)
shims to prevent marring or scratchin of the glass
sea glass

Ok- here are the video's, they are in two parts.  I hope it helps if you want to drill your own sea glass!
Part One
Part Two

There you go.  My bead table and a tutorial.  My first one too (as I am sure you can tell)!  I hope you enjoyed it.
Now I am taking a sea glass break to see what's on your bead table!  Bye!


  1. great video tutorial!! i love the way you store your seaglass.....i have just been putting mine in ziploc bags!

  2. Thanks for the drilling demo! Very nice sea glass collection!

  3. Great tutiorial, and your daughter did a brilliant job of filming! Thanks
    Niky x

  4. The sea glasses were stored in a greater way and the tutorial was also useful..