Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kindness, Sales and Other Stuff

I know that I have metioned before the awesome people I have met through blogging and etsy.  The community of jewelry artists and fans out there is so wonderful.  Pat yourselves on the back, for being great folks!

An example of this kindness is Rebecca of Rebecca's Whims.  She wrote a blog post about me and my work.  How cool is that?  And, may I say, she did such a nice job of it too.  You can check it out here.

And, in honor of being featured on her blog, I am having a sale.  In my Artisan Accents shop, you can get 10% using coupon code SLO10 ~ good until 6/4/11.  I think it needs to be in caps to work.

 In my Staci Louise Originals jewelry shop I still have free shipping with coupon code OHYEAHFREESHIP, please use all caps, and it is good for everywhere, even overseas!

Other stuff: well , that is just, have a great, fun and safe holiday weekend!!!!!!

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