Friday, July 25, 2014

Sugar Skulls for Bead Fest

I told people at Berks Bead Bazaar that I would have more of my bronze Sugar Skulls for Beadfest in August- and it looks like I will! 

my first sugar skull piece!

I think I am only going to get about a dozen made, and there may be some loss in the batches, as they are prone to crack.  I can work with most of the cracks along the edge, but sometimes they crack on the face and its just too hard to repair.  If all goes well, I should have 10-12 skulls for sale. 

Here is the first batch right out of the kiln, with a brief cleaning.  They still need a tumble, antique bath, then they need to get riveted to a copper backing. 

 sugar skulls out of the kiln this morning

Making them is a multi stage process, at first I have to work quickly, to get all the designs in while its a certain "mid-dry" and then they need to dry for days as I add slip to the backside to help prevent cracking.  I am so thrilled with the results though!  Its worth the wait!

Please stop by booth #371 if you are coming to BeadFest- I promise to have all kinds of new goodies for you to fondle !!!!
And remember to print and use this coupon to save $10 at the door!!!!

Just click and save this picture and print it out on your computer- print a few for your friends too!

I also got to do a trial run of my Painted Polymer Fossil Talisman class yesterday. 

These are samples of what I am teaching- making these polymer focals and beads, painting them to look old and organic, and then making them into this necklace

It was amazing.  I will be blogging about that next week on LMAJ- but for now, I want to show off what the ladies made....................

Here are some of the extra beads they got to make, since we had all day and it was only the 4 of us

And here are the finished pieces they made.  It was amazing to see them come full circle at the end of the day. 

I think I am really going to love teaching. I have taught small groups before, and did a ton of training at my old job....and I always loved the interaction I got to have with people.  So I am really looking forward to teaching at BeadFest!

You can sign up for my class here if you are interested

I promise we will have a great time!!


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