Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This is what I'm dealin with People.............

I feel so far behind.  After Beadfest, I had two days to get the kids all they needed for school, and then two days to pack and leave again for a long weekend away with the family.

I am finally unpacking stuff.  But none of it is business related.  Right now, the studio is so bad, I can't even go in.  I laugh, cause its all I can do.  In order to really capture the chaos, I made a nice little video of it.
The phone rings in the video- with 3 kids, I already did 4 other takes....then the phone rings.  so I left it, its better then "MOM!!!!" and lego men fighting.  

So there you go.  I promise, a fun blog about Beadfest with lots of pictures is coming up.  And listing of beads too.............

Tomorrow, I tackle this monster!


  1. The worst part about getting ready for shows is the mess that is left behind! It looks like you have quite a project ahead of you and so to help you out, I will organize all of your beads! I'll even bring my own trays. ;) Thanks for the tour-love the floor that you painted with your art!

  2. Loved the tour! I think it is just a fact of life that if you do lots of jewelry you are going to have a mess in the studio at times. Have fun organizing it all, again!

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