Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Days: Full and Exciting

There are some very exciting things going on around here.

First of all, I have enough people signed up for my class at Beadfest Philly in August, so it will not get canceled.  WE ARE ON!

There is still plenty of room too!  So if you want to sign up, or need details, you can find them here.

I have begun production for Beadfest, and I am just at the beginning stages of bead making.  I really wanted to try something new this year, so I added some cabs to my inventory.  I must say, I really love making them, and went for a very 3-d effect.  They have a lot of dimension to them.  My daughter said they looked like Mountains.  So I started calling them Mountain Cabs.  I also happened to be watching a documentary on the Incan People, and got to see some of their large mountain drawings- do it seemed fitting.

I sent one to Nikki Z of Love Root in hopes she would play around with it.

Well, she did just that, and I love what she did with it.

She calls it a whelk shell, and I agree, it definitely has that sea shell feel. I love the beach, so those shapes and forms definitely sneak into my work!
You can see what Nikki is up to on Facebook

Or shop her wonderful designs on etsy

On Polymer Clay Daily, Margrit Bohmer was feature for her beads (her beads are soooo fun).  I didn't even realize she was using the technique from my tutorial that she bought.  I love how she married the new technique with her classic style.  Makes me happy to see so many people having fun with crackle glaze technique. 

You know, other then that, I am just making beads, trying to have a summer social life with family, friends and the kids, and working on tutorials, submissions, blogs and paperwork.  That is all!  lol!

Thanks for popping in and seeing what's new in my world.  I will hopefully be putting new beads and jewelry in the shop next week!  so stay tuned..............


  1. I WANT THAT RING!!!! but I'm saving my money for shopping at BEADFEST!!!! WOOT! So glad you've got your class nailed down!!!! YAY!

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