Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Playing with New Products- Verday Metal Paint and Patina

When Melinda Orr of Artisan Whimsy asked me to be part of the 5x5 team for this product, I jumped! 
Ten Seconds Studio has a line of metal paints and patina called Ver-Day, and after talking with them at bead fest and asking a million questions, I couldn't wait to try it! 
So 5 of us got to play with it, and see what this stuff could do.
Of course, I planned to use it on some polymer and see what it does.  We had to create at least 5 pieces with it. 
I made some blank polymer donuts to play with, along with some other shapes, and painted some with bronze, some with copper, some with iron and others with the brass.
For mine, and the teams test results, you can check Artisan Whimsy Magazine. (which is a pretty awesome free online publication!)
Here are just some of my observations.
I have used other metal paints, and these by far were the smoothest and best coating ones I have tried.  LOOOOOVED the paint.
Personally, I like the iron and bronze best.  The brass is too shiny for me, as is the copper.  I like those paints ALONE even, with no patina.  They are just gorgeous.
The polymer surface HAD to be roughed up nice and good to ensure the paint really cured to it.
I also liked mixing them all up, since each one has a different sort of reaction with the patina.
I found, that the key is patience. Patience while the color develops (24 hours) and then more patience when you seal it, and seal it and seal it and seal it. 
I will say, I was VERY hesitant about the rust on beads.  Since I know rust can be really hard to get rid of, and it keeps rusting and rusting.  However, after sealing mine, and sealing mine, and sealing mine, I really feel like it is stable.  Since there is only a thin layer of iron, it can't rust any further then that layer.  And since I sealed the heck out of it, no air should ever touch it again.  It is super smooth.  The first layer or two of sealer (I used acrylic) soaked right into the rust, and then they started to coat.
After playing some more, I began to add it to fancier beads, which also featured my signature paints and crackles.  I am thrilled with the combinations, though it takes longer to make these then any I have ever made before.  So they will certainly be limited and come out in groups!
Here they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some process pics.

I did the metal paint and patina first, leaving some parts white.

Those parts got painted with layers and layers of color.

It was a lot of fun to find the perfect contrast for my shiny crackle- a matte rust.  I can't tell you how much I love it!!!!  The possibilities are endless.

Here is a before and after shot, just love these....

The best part is you can use this on anything.  I used it on a small display piece in wood, Melinda used it on sea urchin spines, on and on and on.  Paper, leather, canvas, wood- anything. 
Make sure to stop by the test team to see how many different ways you can use it!


  1. Cool product, saw it in Bead Chat. Just wondering how it compares to the Swellegant line of products? Your beads are always cool Staci. You continue to be a source of inspiration- love to see what you'll do next!

    1. I have used swellagant and this is worlds better. better coverage on one coat, and it patina's over a long time, even if the paint is dry. swellegant was hard to get a patina, and messy. didn't like it much at all

  2. Thanks for the great recommendation! I am always looking for new coatings for my work, and these sound great. I have had no luck with the Swellegant, and I assume that these are similar in how you work with them, so I will be looking for these to see how they might work for me. On the wish list for sure! (Oh, who am I kidding? I don't do wishlists. I just buy what I want!) Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. these are much easier to use then is a lot of work to seal them safely- in my opinion. so be prepared, its a labor of love

  3. Absolutely scrumptious, this whole lot. Thanks for being the tester. It looks like you brought out the best in the paints for sure!

    1. thanks! I had the vision to mix them with my regular style as soon as I played with them- so happy I did- I am lovin the contrast

  4. These turned out so amazing!!! Love them! xo Genea