Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shore Winds, Sea Glass and My Honey

I always feel refreshed after a weekend at the shore.  Even if the weather was all over the place. 
Friday was gorgeous, and the hubs and I did a lot of this.............
feet in the sand....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

DO I LOOK RELAXED?  Cause I was......oh I very much was!
we just sat and watched the ocean, and went for walks, and drank some beers.  We saw a huge pod of dolphins swim down the coast, which was great, because there was a disease wiping them out most of the summer.....it was so devastating.  We were thrilled to see about 30 of them swim by!
The shore birds took the beach over with no people to shoo them away.  They were everywhere just hanging out.

Men were fishing, women were walking and beachcombing, and people had their dogs on the beach.  There were random people sitting in chairs having a beer like us, just enjoying the smells and sounds of the sea.  I love Long Beach Island in October!
It was very misty and hazy in the mornings- but nice none the less
The Sea Glass festival on Saturday was nice- good crowd, love chatting with everyone about jewelry, sea glass and the island we all love.  Sales were good too, I was happy with my day and it was gorgeous out.  Very hazy in the morning when I took this picture, but it got sunny and nice quickly.


I met some new artists, and got a great watercolor for my living room.  You know when a piece of art speaks to you, and you just have to have it?  Well that is how this was!

See, Long Beach Island is more then a vacation spot to Justin and I.  Its a place we have made memories, its a place we have shared with loved ones.  We often sit on the bench at our beach house (that we rent each year) at night and watch the moon rise over the sea.  We both love the sparkly path it makes across the water, like you could just walk out across it and touch the moon!  So, when I saw this painting, it had to be ours.
I want to make our living room like my studio, and plaster it with lots and lots of art. 
living room
It's funny how empty this wall is!!!!  My large painting may have to go though....time for something new to take its place.
I also picked up this great photo of an ammonite.  It still needs a frame.  So this winter I plan to add to my art collection and fill this wall with unique and fun paintings and photos.
I also have this on reserve from a friend- I just love how peaceful it feels.  Had to have it for "the art wall".
Saturday after the show a friend came down to hang out with us, were were hanging out and being silly.....

we had dinner at a little place on the beach (just a bar / bar food place)- walked on the beach a little (its was super hazy and dark- very very creepy, but I loved it!)
Then we went out for drinks at a couple different bars, but the bands were awful and we were tired.....we are getting too old for night life.  I slept really bad that night too- I think my body just got too run down, letting some anxiety kick in, and so Sunday I was exhausted. 
Sunday we went to Chowderfest- which is where restaurants compete for the best clam chowder.  One tent is white, one is red....you buy tickets and can sample away all day, and then vote for one favorite of each color.  Its a great time and people go all out, with fun costumes and hats and all.  I don't eat chowder and felt really exhausted, so I ended up sitting by the bay in the shade (it was pretty hot for a tired old lady like me) and watching the boats come and go.  I could hear the music playing (they had great bands - which was refreshing) and I relaxed. 
my view
I wasn't much fun that day.  Went home and took a nap, our friend left and then Justin and I went out for a nice dinner.  We try to treat ourselves to one nice dinner while we are away.  I am a frugal mama with dinners, so we eat a lot of casseroles and such.  Since I felt so run down, I got soup and a filet with lobster tail.  I think my iron is low again, cause after that filet, I felt like a new woman!  (time for bloodwork again).
this dinner didn't stand a chance....I was one hungry gal
It also felt good to treat myself, like so many other mama's, I don't take care very care of me, and I need to start though, cause this "almost 40" thing is kickin my butt!
Monday the hubs and I walked out to the end of the island at Barnagat, even with storms rolling in and tornado warnings, it was a good time.  Damp and windy, but the sun came out towards the end.  Its my favorite walk, walking along the rocks of the bay to where it meets the sea....and the sea was very very angry.  I dont' think I have ever seen it so rough, and there was not a ship in sight either.
We did see these guys later on at another beach on the island.

They were amazing.  Nothing else to say, we watched them for about 1/2 hour.  What are they called?  Para-surfers?  They were truckin....and would fly out of the water and sail for such a distance.....so amazing.  And it was WINDY.......very windy.  Could have stayed longer, but we had to get home to the kids.
Man, I missed my babies!  Justin and I talked all weekend about how we wished they were there, but we both knew it wouldn't have been so relaxing, and we certainly wouldn't have had all that time to talk and enjoy each other, which we did.  (uninterrupted conversation is priceless).
So I am home, trying to catch up.  Everyone has doctor appts to schedule, I am due for bloodwork, we have a wedding to attend and a big show to do...Halloween is around the corner.....busy busy.  I am also adding some daily exercise into my routine.  It's about time, so, trying to do 1/2 hour a day of walking or something during the week.  I owe it to myself.  40 doesn't look like its going to be nice to me, so I am going to prepare!!!!
Hopefully I will be listing some jewelry this week.  So stand by!
Feels good to be back, can't wait to do some painting and creating this week!


  1. Looks like a nice place to sell your gorgeous jewelry...beautiful beach shots!

  2. They're wind-surfers, Staci. They are fun to watch, aren't they? They also do it in the snow, with skis.

  3. Oh, I'm a beach girl too and it looks like you had a nice time despite being so tired.
    The water sport you witnessed is called Kite-boarding, the hubs did it for a while before he switched back to windsurfing. (Sorry, Anabella but they're two different things.) Of course, now the hubs is more into stand-up paddleboarding. (I just like like to play in my kayak. . .)
    Anyway, here's hoping the nice weekend at the beach rejuvenated you some. And, at least you got to spend some uninterrupted time with the hubby and get some new awesome art!

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