Monday, September 30, 2013

So Busy So Fun!

Things around here have been busy.  I guess there really isn't a time when its not.  It's been good busy though, September is packed with fun family time for us, with our anniversary and all three kids birthdays....there is a lot of quality time going on.
I may hop around a bit, but I wanted to share some of my favorite moments in September with you all.
Julia started field hockey- she was really hard on herself at first, that she wasn't as good as some of the other girls.  I am glad she didn't give up though.

Yes- she is that much taller then most of the girls. 
Here she was at her first game, which she LOOOOOVED.  And she did great too (she is #12)!
I just love this girl.  She is really growing leaps and bounds- and not just physically.  I am really enjoying this time we have together at hockey and with our love of art we share.
We had a triple birthday party- since all my kids were born within the same 4 week stretch.  Yep- fall babies, all of them.  So we do one big party with close friends and family.......
Julia made party hats for everyone- yep, all handmade, NO help from anyone.
 My oldest with my best friends youngest.  How sweet!
 Besties and cousins (they are one and the same though)
 The boys
 The girls
Then we do a special dinner on each of the kids actual birthday's.  They get to pick their favorite dinner and we have cupcakes and sing to them.  So we essentially have 4 parties, but three of them are just us- and that is nice.  I love having a quiet day to tell each of them "I am so happy you were born!"
I also have been watching my nephew a few mornings a week, just last week and today, and well, I just adore him. 
As you can see my job was very difficult (I watched him during his naptime apparently)  He would literally fall asleep playing with 
Then I had a show last weekend on Saturday in Souderton pa.  It was the Souderton Art Jam, a first year show.  Well, it was amazing.  Great show, wonderful artists, every single one of them....killer music, and lots of people.  I was very happy to be a part of their first year.  Julia also came with me and spent the day.  So we had some more special mother daughter time.  The day was perfection to boot- sunny and warm with a nice breeze.

Julia drew little pictures to sell, and made a few bucks as well.  She is such a great artist!

Best of all, a fellow artist's  (Ward Van Haute- check out his work) family came- which we knew from prior shows, and so Julia had friends to hang out with
After the show we had some campfire fun with family!!!!

I was thoroughly worn out!
Sunday, Julia had her hockey game, then we met up with my mom for some shopping and dinner.  We rarely go out to eat, and it was the day before Collins birthday, so we surprised him at Red Robin.  He was sooo adorable, totally embarrassed too! I never had the chance to do that for one of my kids before, it was fun.
After that the kids and I played with Halloween hats in Target.

Oh- I had someone over to my little studio for a refresher course on metal clay and to learn to drill stones and sea glass in there too.  It was very laid back and we had a great time!  She made some pretty cool things, and I can't wait for us to get together to finish them.
I got to play a little and made this 3-d sugar skull.  It is far from done....the possibilities have my brain in a frenzy!!!!
OK- I think we are current now.  Today there was more babysitting, sea glass drilling, cleaning up, doctors appointments, and a birthday dinner, followed by story time and some fun songs by the kids.
This weekend is the sea glass festival and my LBI getaway with my love.  We need that after a month of loving on our kids, time for US to have some alone time! 
If you need me, I will be in the studio until its time to leave on Friday morning- prepping for the show.
thanks for letting me catch up.  I really enjoyed the last few weeks with these guys.  And I love sharing them (bragging mama) with you all.


  1. I like Julia's orange stripey cat on the purple rug!

    1. Me too- My mom bought it but she promised to make me one too ;)

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