Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back and On Track

Had a blast at the shore with family and friends!  However, it feels good to be home. 
Here are some fun pics of our week at LBI.

My best friends son and Collin loving the beach together, they are peas in a pod!
 My best friends kids and Collin crashing the photo
 Julia- mt little mermaid, you can't get her off the beach
 kids at Beach Haven
My little second cousin eating sand
 the girls at Barnegat Lighthouse- a tradition
surfin kids
 wine o clock
 my best friend and I- friends for over 20 years!!!!
My family at one of our favorite places on earth
It was great to see how much of the island has been rebuilt since Super storm Sandy wreaked havoc on there.
So of course, I came home feeling inspired to make some ocean themed beads. 
Meet the fish.  They are not painted yet, but I think they will be pretty awesome.  I am having fun making them too.  Making a mold from one of them to try it out in copper and bronze!!!

I am now in major crunch time to prepare for Bead Fest Philly.  I am not kidding either, I have so few beads right now, its horrible.  But I am inspired, and I have lists, and I plan to do NOTHING but beads until then.  (Well, except for stuff with the kids, and household duties, and Musikfest....) 

I have all these done, but most still need paint.

I am halfway through polymer production and need to start metal clay- ASAP!
Anyhow- wish me luck!  I will tease you with bead pictures as they are created!!!!
And if you can, come and see Genea  Beads and I at booth #371

Shops are both re-opened too, and I had added some new things before vacation, so if you didn't get to check them out, hop on over!


  1. Totally cool beads!! Good luck with the shows! :)

  2. Can't wait to see those fish when they're done!