Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Over the Weekend, Summer Began

Now it feels like summertime.  Usually around my Tinicum Arts Festival show, summer fun starts to ramp up.  Plus, its scorching hot here now in PA.
We have had a pool in our basement for years.  We finally had it set up.  It's been put off and put off, but the kids are at the age now where they can all use it without mom holding them.  They can swim and play and enjoy it, and, unless we go to a friends house (which doesn't happen much, cause then I can't work here at home) we didn't go swimming.
I grew up swimming everyday during the summer.  My grandparents had a pool when I was little, and they lived 5 minutes down the road.  My mom would drop me off, and I'd swim with my cousins all day.  It was like summer camp and Mommom and Poppop's!  It's what made my summer so great.  It makes everyday a vacation.  Our kids really need to learn to swim better, since they haven't had much time in the water.  They have all been scared of the water, and just needed to be in it more then twice a year.
Here she is- the Pool of Happiness and Refreshment
I loved watching them play with their dad, he would shoot them with the water gun, and they'd each go under to avoid it.  Well, now they are good at going under!  And its shallow, so they can all stand.  I can already see their confidence in the water growing, even with just being in it three times!  You can see how new it is from the pile of dirt behind it!  Now the pool is up, and the cicada's are singing, lightning bugs are coming out at night, it really feels like summer!
I am glad our kids get to experience relaxing summer fun.  I am not a go go go mom by any means!  I am a, go play outside kinda we did as kids.
My kids find joy in catching firefly's to feed to the toad that lives on our back patio (yep, he never leaves it).  When the feed them to him, you can still see them blinking in his tummy. 
They build forts in the woods and play pretend market out there.
And when its too hot for them, they are inside driving me nuts because they have too much energy for the house!  Man I pity their teachers.  We need a gym so they can run a treadmill or something!  LOL!
Anyhow, it summer now.  And I am already sad that before we know it, it will be over and time for school again.
Anyhow, the pool was set up Friday, and the Tinicum Arts Festival was Saturday and Sunday. 
Justin and I set up Friday in the pouring rain.  We got a little soaked.

Here is how my display looked all dried off Saturday.  It's such a nice show, full of fun artists, friends, and lots of great customers who stop by every year to say hi.  It really is like family there.  I'll tell you, I feel so spoiled doing a show that is so enjoyable.  And you can't beat the setting.
It is in a park right across from the Deleware River.  I got a spot under a tree, and it gave me great shade all day- which was nice, cause it was HOT and HUMID. 
I made a bunch of new pieces for the show.  I am hoping to update the etsy shop a little this week.  I will let you all know if I do!
Here are just some of my favorites that I made....
knotted earrings using the technique I learned from Erin Seigel!

Ceramic donuts from Starry Road Studio

Dangles from Scorched Earth

Wing Dings by Genea Beads

Ceramic discs by Starry Road Studio again

Below is a new style- I made three similar ones for Tinicum and sold two.  I am thinking this is a good design to going with!

I also made some other simpler necklaces- like the one below, using Suburban Girl Studio's patina green Boho Pendant!  Just LOVE this one.

The long one below features a Marsha Neal Studio pendant I have had for years.  Finally paired it with a great and fun color palette for a necklace that will go with lots of outfits!

Another simple necklace, I have got to make more of these, I really like how light they are!

Heavy copper swirls with a Lisa Peters Art Flower in dusty blue

Summer fun begins!!!!
So what speaks summer to you?  Do you vacation at the start of it?  Is it when you go to the pool everyday?  Is it a show you do, or attend that feels like the start of your summer? 
Whatever it means to you, enjoy it, because it sure does fly by!


  1. Wow Staci! These are fabulous pieces. Love how you set up your booth. I also love how you collaborate with other artists - this is my dream too.
    Thanks so much for sharing this~ :)

  2. beautiful necklaces, you really inspire me to mix up my designs

  3. All great designs! Good luck with all your shows.

  4. That pool looks just like my backyard growing up. We lived in it as well as a few neighborhood kids. Some pool games we made up was whirlpool, run around the edge until you create a current, then try and walk against, the more kids the the better.