Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ready to Rennovate

A few years back I finally claimed our "spare" room, which was more of a gathering place for all things crafty, as my studio.  I thought it was the biggest space I had ever seen, since prior to that I worked in the corner of the family room, with things stacked all around.  Me I had to go to the basement to solder, the kitchen to patina, ect ect.......
Well, fastforward a few years, and I have outgrown it again.  However, there is no new space to comendeer.  So, I had to do a massive clean out to create a more workable space.
Not much space to move around.  And after shows (when this picture was taken) is always the worst.  Things just pile and pile in the creating frenzy that occurs up until the last minute.  Then the piles get torn through to find the things I need to take with me, and this is what is left in its wake.
I also had no where to store my totes and things that I take to shows.  They pretty much sat in the middle of the studio, and blocked an entire entrance way.
So, I had to get rid of the sewing portion of my studio and move that to the corner of the family room, say good-bye to lots of hoarded fabric, and clean out everything I no longer need in there.
Here it is today.
My biggest inspiration for the clean up (no, it wasn't just because I couldn't move, I normally work like that) was because I plan to rip out the carpet.....YAY!  I told the hubs when I took over the room I wanted to take out the carpet, and he said no.  Well, now that its ruined, and hard to clean, he agreed.  So we need to empty the room (gasp!) and rip it out.  So the clean up helped to minimize that project by a little bit.
He is also going to build me a taller wood work bench along the far wall in the picture, where I have two folding tables.  This is will be my metal bench, so I stand and hammer, drill, polish and saw all on one bench.  I will also have much more under the bench storage room, and with no carpet, I can use storage with WHEELS!!!!!!!
And- that is not all.  Although I love this old cabinet, its going to have to go, and will be replaced by a folding table for my computer and paperwork.  Not sure if I can hook up a printer and even do my shipping from in here, but will see.  The hubs would be happy to have me out of his office for good !
These shelves will be replaced with bigger shelves and go next to the desk.  They will hold the contents of the cabinet and then some.  Right now I have a bunch of empty totes waiting to be temporarily filled for the move out for rennovations.  This is also the exit that normally has all my show stuff piled in it.
These shelves can stay full during the carpet tear out (thank goodness).  I did get tray storage for all those trays though.  It is wheeled cabinets that go under the desk, so I can have all those beads and such at my fingertips, and wheel them away when I don't need them.  So that shelf will be opened up a bit.
 Below the shelf of trays is where I can now fit my shows stuff.  I can actually walk up to these shelves, there used to be a pile of things in the way.  The bottom shelf to the right is all my sea glass.  That needs to be re-vamped somehow.  But that is a project for another day, week or year!
Yesterday I finally got in the "now cleaned" studio to make some things.  I had some Mothers Day Pins to make for some very special Grammy's. 
I cannot wait until I have my metal bench so I can do more metal, and not have such a mess at my bead table!  Plus, I am on the taller side, to have it custom built is pretty exciting to me.
I also made this piece.  I was inspired by an article by Joy Kruse in the new Belle Armoire Jewlery magazine. 
I really miss working in was my first love.  The first things I made were in silver- sea glass, and I soldered on little shell barnacles that I made in PMC. 

Joy's article made me want to re-visit adding textured items to my bezels in a fun and whimsical way.  Her work really speaks to me.
Even though I really loved my piece I created with the amazing dark grey druzy (how I love druzy's), there was something about that I didn't like, and I couldn't put my finger on it. 
Once I uploaded it to facebook, and saw it in the pictures, I figured it out.  It was too tidy.  Too symetrical.  My eye was telling me this piece was not finished.  So I took it back into the studio.
Now its done.  Now I love it.

Can't wait to make more, hopefully it will be happening on my new workbench next week!
I will post progress if by chance we get to do my studio on Monday, like I hope to!
Have a great holiday weekend!


  1. So exciting!!! We are still working on the garage so no basement activity yet. Carpet is absolute hell to work with I can't wait for wood flooring. We also use a lot of pocket doors in the house to save space - I never have to worry about the door being in the way! Enjoy yourself : ) in there.

    1. I would LOVE pocket doors, but don't think they would work here. This is a trailer that was added onto and added onto. so the walls probably wouldn't allow for them, but in my future home, that we build, in the mountains, my studio will have pocket doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm still dreaming about a studio only for me and have to be satisfied with that little corner in our living room (well a desk in front of the window). But one day maybe ...
    That necklace is absolutely fabulous, love it, love it!!

  3. Congrats on your studio upgrade! Looking forward to pics of the finished product. This jewelry journey is always an evolution, regardless if it's the pieces, the space, the web site, seems like something is always growing and changing. Good Luck~

  4. Can't wait to see how it all turns out - it should be awesome. I quilt or guess should say quilted as since I started making jewelry - I just don't have time to do both. I had to consolidate/get rid of a lot of my sewing things to make room for tables and tools!! That necklace is awesome and I love the first one too. Can't wait to see pics.

  5. Love seeing your creative space! I'm with you about carpet :)

  6. So happy to know that my space and yours are very similar. I have piles all over the dang place! I am slowly cleaning it out and reorganizing it to be more user friendly. Which means there are piles in the hallway that will be going and hopefully not coming back! I am cheering you on and know that this place will be even more productive when you get it under control and spruced up! Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. It is driving me nuts. We have to at least get the carpet out monday and swap some furniture. Justin told me my workbench will have to be another time, but I am so excited anyhow. Hopefully I can keep it somewhat

  7. This last piece is especially stupendous! Lovely! And it looks lovely on you, too.