Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday

Well, my bead table is full.  Getting ready for this sea glass festival has taken over my studio AND my kitchen.  Here is the kitchen, where I am drilling sea glass and have the earring making taking place.  (my studio is the metal smithing area right now)

Here is a close up of that tray thats waiting to be drilled.  I have some charm necklaces laid out.

Here are the earrings I made last night.  I already had a bunch glued into these bail caps from last year, so I just had to hang them on earwires (they are the one's hanging on the front), but alas, once these sell out I think this style is of the past. I really prefer making the one of a kind earrings.

Here are some of the one of a kind earrings I made with all my bronze clay bits and pieces I showed you a couple weeks ago.

These (below) were some of my favorites

The last pic above is a new style I made with 12g wire ILO the sheet copper I have been using for boho hoops.  I really like them.

So there you have it.  My bead table #2.  Poor family, no place to eat.  I have officially taken over the house.  Well, gotta get drilling.  I need to drill this morning, so when my battery dies, it can re-charge all day and I can drill more tonight.

Check out what other people have on their bead table here. 
What's on your bead table?


  1. Oh - those are awesome earrings!!! I think every day I could sport a new pair of earrings and bracelets... And in the fall/winter/spring - necklaces!!! Your work is amazing Stacy! Love seeing what you are up to!

  2. Awesome earrings! I'm inspired by how much work you are getting done. I'm not getting much done at the moment.

    1. Leslie, I have to. I have an out of town show next weekend, and no real stock!!!! lots of money invested, so I have to bring it!

  3. I LOVe those hoops at the bottom Staci! Way cool!

  4. Beautiful!! I love the earrings accented with all the different metals.

  5. Love your new style earrings, but the other ones are just as beautiful! Keep working, you are going to sell lots of items!!

  6. I love seeing the creative process and chaos of getting ready for a show. And who needs a dining room table for eating. That's what the sofa and TV trays are for! Best of luck with the show.

  7. I can see why you like making the one of a kind - they are beautiful! Your work is awesome.

  8. So fun seeing what's on your bead table this week. Thanks to you and your give away for the Alice in Wonderland challenge, I now have some very special goodies on my table. Two gorgeous lamp work beads, Mr. Cheshire Cat link (adorable!), handful of stripy shells and some striking yellow sari silk. Love it all.
    Thanks so much, Staci Louise!


  9. I just love the ones with the squiggle spirals, but they are all amazing! Keep up that great work! Your booth is going to be so full of awesome!