Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sea, Sea things and progress......

Drilling sea glass, working on components, but I am finally getting some jewelry put together.   This is the part I love.

We took an last minute trip to the beach over the weekend.  The kids did good in school and it was just a nice way to start off the summer together.

The boys hunting sand crabs.

I found lots of great things on the beach, here they are mixed with some things that will hopefully be listed in my Artisan Accents shop today.  (finally getting some cuffs in there as seen in Belle Armoire Jewlery 2012)

I took one of those big old swirly shells (the middle from whelk or conch like shells) and made this Tribal Mermaid necklace.  This is not the necklace of a pretty sittin' mermaid, this mer-gal is a hunter!

Then I came home to a wonderful package of beads by Genea.  I didn't get pics, but I got more headpins from her.  So I thought I better start using up my headpin collection.  There were a pair I got from her last year.  I thought they'd look good on these ear components.
They looked really good with my other Genea necklace I made and my NEW do-rag I got at the shore.  Julia and I shopped for them together. Here is mine.
Here is Julia's.  You can see who is brighter!!!  It was so fun to shop with her.  She totally pegged me and picked out mine for me.  She said, "this is your style mom".  Yep.  It is.

So, some jewelry is getting made.  Hopefully to be listed very soon.  Off to drill some more sea glass and make some charm necklaces today, and finish up some components.

Also plan to list some jewlery, gotta edit pics first.

Hope you are all keeping busy too. 


  1. They're all gorgeous!! Mer-gal Warrior necklace is really great! Very bold, but pretty too. Love the texture on the hoop in your earrings (getting lots of compliments on my half hoops). The red/pink necklace is gorgeous too!

    Ya know, the hoops would look cool just by themselves too, without danglies.

    Like the do-rags too. I can never get them to work right on my head.

  2. P.s.
    I like that your using sari silk for your necklaces. I've gotten where I just can't wear metal chain on my neck anymore, so I'm having to switch over to ribbons, etc. And the silk gives an extra pop of color and femininity.

  3. Isn't it great when your daughter "gets" your style? She is delightful !Love everything you showed here. Will you give us a glimpse of your "charm necklaces", please, please?

  4. That Tribal Hunter Necklace is GORG!!!!!!!!

  5. Ok, you seriously rocked the necklace! Love that design. And as I was checking out the earring, I kept looking at your doo rag, thinking how cool it was, then I scrolled down! :) They are both really, really cute. So glad you got a fun start!

  6. What lovely finds, and what beautiful creations x

  7. Love you and your girl's head wraps. Everything is so pretty!

  8. Wow! Love the new stuff, Staci, and man, I wish a do-rag looked as good on me as it does with you all...love it!

  9. So awesome. I just love your style with your jewelry down to your clothing to match. Such a hippy girl! <3