Friday, May 4, 2012

New Work

I am patting myself on the back. I finally am ready for a show, and did not pull all nighters.  I also had time with the kids and kept up with things around the house (if minimal clean clothes and basic meals count). 

WHEW!  I just need to price and clean jewlery today and pack it up and make sure I have all I need for tomorrow.  If you are local, come and visit me at Peddlers Village for the Strawberry Festival

So I made some pendant style necklaces.  I also made a lot more minimal necklaces this time.  Maybe because I spent all my crazy energy on my earrings.  I just felt the need to lighten things up.  I sitll have my chunky collage chokers, but added these to the mix!

These were made with Marsha Neal pendants and some copper components I made myselg.  The middle one says, "be what you dream" and maybe it doesn't show in the pic, but marsha's pendant has little sparkly flecks in it....dreamy!  The sun says "shine" and the other just has one of my poppies on top.  All of them hang from my LoopTloops, available in my etsy shop.

Pendant styles are hard for me to design, so I went kinda simple on this one and just did a double strand of strung beads to compliment the colors.  The pendant is by Lisa Peters Art.  Below are a couple more of her focals.
These are more my traditional style.

I made these, again, changing the shape up a bit, and lightening the design (so you can wear earrings with it and its not too busy;)

Lisa peters focal with my loop and antqiued bronze charm

Above is another LIsa peters art bead (one of her lovely butterflies) and the sea urching spine necklace features one of Suburban Girl Studios beads.  She does lots of pretty vintage style beads, so I tried to contrast it with rustic beads.

I LOVE this one and its hard to part with.  But alas, I can't keep them all.  It was one of those happy accidents, and became a nautilus.  LOVE it, and hopefully can make a similar design in the future.

These two necklaces feature my polymer beads along with gemstones. It was soooo satisfying for me to finally have a chance to really design with my beads.  My goal was to make them organic and earthy, and the fact they blend so well with the gemstones makes me very pleased.
Last but not least, I made a bunch of simple necklaces like this, just a cool bronze piece or popply on a chain.  Last year I would have struggled to make somthing so NOT chunky, but this year, simple felt right. I hope my customers feel the same way!

So my diplays are more then full, and I still need to keep telling myself I have enough.  Wish me luck pricing, I agonize over it.  I need to make money doing this, and yet, I want everyone to be able to afford my pieces.  I price them as fairly as possible........anyhow, I am off to get it done!  Gonna need some coffee for this one.

have a great weekend!


  1. Staci, I can never get enough of seeing your wonderful chunky chokers!!!! I know your booth will be the one everyone flocks to. I would wish you luck, but with these goodies I don't think you will need it.

  2. Sweetheart you really put your all into everything you do! Your style is very recognizable and so organic and rustic. I love it! Your collage necklaces always wow me, but I love the new direction and the inclusion of all these other artists in your work! Pricing is indeed difficult. I think that if you know your audience and what that market will bear, it is important. And don't undersell yourself. You have gallery quality jewelry and I would hate to have you sell yourself short just to make a sale. I always have to remember that my jewelry is not necessarily made with my budget in mind, but there is someone who will appreciate it at the level that it is priced and I would rather work smarter for those sales than harder at all the lower priced ones. I hope you have a wicked awesome show! Enjoy the day.

  3. Those are all amazing and I wish I lived near you so I could get a few of those for myself. :) I hope you have a great show.

  4. Your designs are awesome. Love your style.