Monday, May 7, 2012

Why I love doing shows......

Thanks to everyone who was encouraging while I got ready for my show.  It sure is a lot to do, and it helps when I hear from you guys!!!

The weather was great, people were shopping, and I just LOVE the friends I have made at these shows, and I add new ones all the time.  

Here is the booth set up with the shutters.  I changed it up a little, again, of course.  I really like this....I got rid of my glass display case because it was SOO heavy and fragile and hard to transport, and took too long to set up.  I like how it opened up the front and I could see better (yes, I am a little bit paranoid since I had that really expensive necklace stolen.....and I hate to be like that......I'd rather just trust everyone).

I got to be in a corner spot, next to two of  my favorite vendors \ friends.  My friend Mary makes block printed childrens clothes.  She carves her own her work, and her!   You can check it out here.  She has kids too, so we try to all hang out when we can.  I met from doing shows, and I am so happy I did.

I picked up some tye dyed clothes for the kids and me from A Peace of Color.  Julie is someone else I just love talking to and have met her whole family at shows.  Great people!!!  And her tye dyes rock.  Thanks to her I have tye dye oven mitts, a purse and winter gloves. You know I love my tye dye.

Then there are the Hill's.  Chris Hill and his dad were right next to me.  Chris does photography of bucks county and his dad makes frames from old barns and such, also in bucks county.  You can see what he's up to here.

Chris's dad uses a lathe to create awesome pens and gifts from local trees and wood from antique items.  He even made a VERY special pen from a civil war bullet.  Chris started using the lathe this year too and makes these stylus for smart phones and Ipads.  I got one for me, and one for my son (shhhhh, its a surprise).  I also picked up with wine topper \ corkscrew from Mr. Hill.  These guys are great, and so talented too.  Two of the nicest guys I know.
(the pics don't do these justice, they are gorgeous in person)

I also picked up soap from my FAVORITE soap maker, A Natural Alternative.  She is a genius when it comes to her art, soap and toiletries.  You get quality and aroma therapy all in one.  Even my husband was upset when we ran out, so I stocked up again this weekend.  It feels good to support handmade, and it feels even better to know the product is awesome and made with love.  Hedge and her father run the business, and they are both such a hoot to talk to.  Her dad wears a name tag that says, Soapy Dad.  He's so fun.  

Long story short, though shows are a lot of work, and its hit or miss on how well you will do, I have made some wonderful friends, found great products, and mostly, learned tips and tricks of the trade.  And that's just the other vendors.  Meeting your customers up close is a great part of doing shows as well.

I really enjoy seeing different people come in, and what they are drawn to.  I love to talk about the process and materials I use.  It makes me feel so good when someone comes in and says that no one else had anything close to as cool as my jewelry.  (because that's what I'm going for, ya know?)  And the best feeling of all, is when someone finds that perfect piece that they love, and it looks like it was made just for them.  We are both happy.  My art has found and home, and they have found something special for themselves.  

I know I did a similar post before about shows.  But really, I love them.  Its my time to be social, my time to hang out with other creative folks, my time to peddle my wares.  (Glad the weather was good or this post would have been very different.)

Today I rest, clean up the kitchen, make pasta salad for lunches for the week, vacuum,  brush the dogs and do their flea and tick stuff, and catch up on wash!  But I am happy to do it, cause I am kinda burnt out on jewelry (for today).

I also have to call the doctor since my Julia had two deer ticks on her, and one of them was really red and irritated.  Tis' the season.  Guess the kids needs daily tick checks again!  Let me tell you though, the one that was irritated was tiny!!!!!!  It it weren't right on the front of her neck, I'm not sure when we would have found it!!! 

So, have you done shows?  What do you love most?  If you are about to do your first show this year, any worries or fears????  (cause I still panic before each show and think, what if no one likes anything???- silly, I know someone will like something, but I still go there)


  1. So glad you had a good time! I have never done anything but a local charity show that is indoors in the fall for about 4 hours. I am a bit scared of doing something outside. I was asked to do a three day show in N WI in the fall but I just couldn't take the time nor the chance. I would love to do an indoor show that is maybe 2-3 days to see how that goes. Still looking for the right one. Your booth looks inviting and your cool new display is great! Great job, Miss Staci!
    Enjoy the day.

    1. Outside shows are scary at first, but its fun too (I'd rather be selling outside anyday!) Though they do get canceld for weather or sometimes, like this show, they are rain or shine....but its fun too! I borrowed a lot of my stuff for the first couple shows I did. My tent and tables were from a few different people. Once I realized I'd be doing this (and made some money) I invested in my own!

  2. Your booth and displays look great! I really like your booth layout and table fabric; very earthy yet contemporary.

    I just did my first show of the season this past weekend too. I was panicked because I didn't have as much jewelry made as I would have liked. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first time vending at this particular show. It also is a weekly craft market, so I figured most people would be browsers. It ended up going really, really well! I set a goal (hoping to make it) and doubled it!

    My favorite part of shows is how rewarding it is to have people tell me that they love my jewelry and booth/displays! Making a living being creative is rewarding in itself, but having others enjoy your work as well is truly a gift!

    1. Thats great your first show went well!!!!! I love when you come home with double then you expected!!!!

  3. Love you set up! Mom and I are always changing our booth display - never know what we are going to do that show year (this year we bought a window to put the pendants and earrings on). I think are favorite part is just talking to the customers and telling them what we do - they don't realize it is all handmade until you tell them how the pieces are done. They seemed to be very interested and intrigued in what we do. I don't think mom and I are nervous anymore before a show, though we worry about the weather (rain, wind, really really dread the wind, sunny or overcast).
    Glad you had a great time and now get caught up on everything else - need a vacation just to recover :)
    Have a great week!