Friday, April 27, 2012

Just Earrings

I am so happy to finally have my new earring display.  This allows me to display the hoop earrings AND price them individually.  I can also write a little about the beads on the back. 

I simply used one set of bi-fold, fully louvered closet doors from Lowes, and sprayed them with two cans of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze.  I am so in love with the color its not funny.  I was going to do black, but matte gets scratched easily, and gloss is too phony looking.  This metallic was perfect.  Its a dark dark dark brown.

I have lots more earrings to fill the space up, but I really love it.  I plan to use some eye hooks in the back and bungee it to the tent leg in the back corner. 

Here are a bunch of the earrings I have made so far.  Almost done.  Today I am making more simple ones for the folks who like simple and symetrical and different. 

Lots and lots of art beads used in these.  I am so happy to know so many wonderful ceramic artists! 

Well- I am off to finish up earrings today.  Bracelets are this weekend and necklaces next week.  The last few days next week are pricing and cleaning of jewelry.....digging out everything I need for my show, and then I will be ready.  (Being ready for a show happens about 2am the morning of the show when I finally go to bed for a few hours of!) 

Anyone else feel like they are never quite ready for a show, no matter how ready you are?


  1. I love your new earring display! I would have never thought to use metalic paint, but it looks awesome. Your earrings are just fabulous.

    As for shows, I feel the same as you--worrying if I forgot something, or if I have enough product, or whether I need to change up my table etc. Sometimes I'm worn out even before I start.

  2. Looks fab Staci. Those earrings are awesome. I wish I could come to your show. On second thoughts given the state my funds are in......;)
    Hope you have a blast.
    P.S. Will you be selling any on Etsy at any point? :)

    1. YES! after these two shows I will list some earrings and such in my poor neglected etsy shop!!! If you were closer you could come to the show as my helper....I pay in jewelry!!!!

  3. Oooo - paying in jewelry! The best way to get paid :D

    Your new earrings are gorgeous, Staci! Especially the assymetrical ones - wish I could have one of each pair (that sounds so greedy doesn't it?) I think you will sell out at your next show.

    I really think you should put the new half hoop design in your etsy shop - that design is a keeper!

    Your earring display looks great, especially with all the earrings on it. And the mirror is a really good idea too.

    Question about wire wrapping pearls: pearls have such small holes - do you drill the hole to make it bigger, or do you use a thinner gauge wire?

    1. I use the thickest wire on pearls that I can. Usually only 24 or 22 gauge. Hoever, I like to double back and wrap them again to secure it. sometimes if I use them in a design there they need to be connected by wire running through them, I will use a thicker gauge wire to connect the items on either side of the pearl and then wire the pearl onto that wire. does that make sense???

  4. Great display and you have been a busy girl.

  5. What a great idea. I hope it brings in lots of business for you. :o)

  6. They look fantastic! (both the closet panels and the earrings!)