Monday, April 23, 2012

A Class, Inspriation and Whats Next

I taught a fun class of great folks on saturday at our local bead store, Beads of a Feather.  It was a demo on how to drill sea glass.  The class fee was $10 but with that they each got three holes drilled for them by me, and then it was $2 for each additional hole.  Then some stayed around for design time.  I thought more people would, but it was fun just the same.  Check out what two ladies came up with using her sea glass she brought.  Isn't it great????  I loved her arrangement, and I just helped a little with the "what you need to make that work".  The ladies working in the shop helped them to assemble it, even a fellow student pictched in.

I really enjoy teaching and hope to add a couple more classes to my schedule.  I just love meeting new people, and working creativly together.  They all had some really great ideas.

I told you before I took Erin Seigels class on Bohemian Knotted Earrings, and I was totally inspired to use it in my work.  Well, I am not sure if its the whole tribal vibe I have going right now, or the fact that I couldn't wait for Game of Thrones to come on last night, but I spent the better part of the afternoon making this necklace, titled, "Khaleesi". 

I love it.  So fun to take Erin's technique and run with it too.  The fiber and the tribal feel, and Game of Thrones, have inspired me to make more Khaleesi inspired pieces.

Lastly- this is what I will be working on today.
Guess what it is????

See that ball thing of wire? That is my earwires post tumbling for 4 hours (with a few clasps thrown in )

I have all these great art beads laid out in pairs, some of mine, some from Starry Road Studio- LOVING her new tribal, aztec like conntectors, lots of shards and rounds from Marsha Neal, a couple drops from Suburban Girl STudio, a pair of beads from Artisan Beads Plus and those awesome swirly sea shell drops are from Marla's Mud.

I also made a bunch of these for my tribal hoop style earrings.  I was using brass and copper, and couldn't get my brass to antique.  So I left some bright, and the other I torched to give them some color and depth.  Then I patina'd a few pairs too.  Can't wait to get creatin!

So I am off to make earrings all day.  I want to make 40+ pairs, so wish me luck and check back later this week for a giveaway!!!!!


  1. I'll bet you are an awesome teacher, Staci! I love the necklace your student made.

    Erin's class was so fun and I love how you used her technique in your new necklace.

    The trays of your cool U-shaped components and all the the art beads leave me swooning! Good luck with your earring marathon today!

  2. Totally gorgeous necklace!! Look forward prod to seeing all those earring! Wonderful copper and art beads!!

  3. I started drilling gemstones about two years ago, out of necessity. I couldn't find anywhere that would do it for me, so I bought my own diamond tip drill bits and use my husband's dremel. Depending on the hardness of the stone, it can really be a workout!! I think the $10 you charged was a bargain. Do you use anything for hearing protection from the noise of drilling? And do you ever have a problem with drill bits breaking?

    1. I drill in water, and I do sea glass, not stones. I hate drilling stones. they really burn up bits.

  4. Ooh - I saw a pair of mine in the earring tray! Cant wait to see them in your earrings! Cool!
    (Jenny over here...)

    1. OH- I forgot to give you credit in there! sorry!!!!!!!

    2. No worries! I am happy they are in such good company!

  5. You are a busy girl! I cant wait to see the earrings!

  6. 40 pairs of earrings?! You are productive! Please show as many pictures of them as you can. the groups of all the pairs is so intriguing!