Friday, April 20, 2012

Earrings and Dilemma's

I've been making some new earrings.  This is the year of the earring for me.  Last year I added my eclectic bracelets, and that turned out really well for me.  So this year, I focus on more original earring designs.

See, I am a necklace person.  So for years, the bracelets and earrings were just meant to compliment the necklaces.....but so many people are earring and/or bracelet people, its time to step out.

So far I am having a blast.  Here are some that I have made so far.

The first few pairs are my newest style, a half hoop with dangles. I got to use many of the fun beads, gems and pearls I purchased at the Philly bead show.

I know I am onto something, because a bunch of these sold when I posted them on facebook and Love My Art Jewelry.

The only problem is, that my display that I have used for years will not work.  Up to this point, my earrings have all been the same price.  So I hang them on screens with one price listed. 
(sorry for the bad pic, its inside right now) 

That wasn't the only problem.  I also have hoops now.  So I can't just hang them on the screen.  So now I need a new earring display.

Now onto the next dilemma.  I have no more table room for earrings.  I need a display that hangs or can stand freely.  I am leaning toward a free standing louvered closet door set in black, like this..........
photo and inspiration from Wild Orchid Craft Show Booth

It will go in the back corner of the tent, the only one that is empty.  It think that will work better all around, because I originally put them out front thinking they would draw people in (can you see them there, front left?), but people walked right in and left thinking I had no earrings (some did ask, thankfully, which I how I know so many missed them)

Justin will need to build some sort of base they can slip into so they are windproof and can still be easily transported. 

So, I made these cards to hang my earrings on.  I didn't want the earrings hanging on the cards, I like them over the black.  My look is very earthy and non-symetrical, so to have a bunch of lined up cards is not my thing.  So I made the cards so the earrings hang below them- over the shutter, and the long half of the card will slip into the shutter to hold it in place.  Now not only can I write a price on each one, I can write a little bit about it, like stones and what metals, ect....
This was the first card, I like it, but the logo was too small

Then I made the next card and the logo was too big

This is the final version, and I am quite happy with it.  This shows how they will hang on the shutters too.   No fancy hole punches needs, no fancy cards.  I can print these myself and cut them in strips and fold them.

I also designed this logo for myself.  That was new for me.  I have found that in the last few years, a winged heart has become my symbol in a way.  I always draw one on my thank you notes, its a "sending a little love your way" kinda symbol.  I think that fits.  Thats what I try to do after all, is send a little love. 

I wanted it simple, so the jewlery can shine.  I love how it looks when I just draw it in pen, so I did it on my paint program to look the same way, and added text.  Easy Peezy, and I am very very happy with it. 

So there you have it.  Now I need to get the bi-fold closet doors, paint them black and fill them with earrings. I am ready for production mode!  Come out and see me if you are local. I will be at the Peddlers Village Strawberry Festival the first weekend of May, the 5th and 6th.  If you can't make it there, I will be at the Bethlehem Fine Arts Festival May 12th and 13th. 

I probably WAY overthing these things.  How about you?  Are you super picky when it comes to your booth????


  1. I need to be more picky!! This looks awesome!

  2. Dear Staci,
    The shutter idea is really "eco-sound"! I use them in my greenhouse/studio and at shows(at shows they hang). The one's I use are very light yet rustic, too. They are not wood but black plastic covered over with an earthy sage blue paint that is peeling and I'm definitely going to leave it that way. I found them on the side of the road on trash day. SCORE!!!
    My cards are made of off-white cardstock. I use various stamps with stazOn permanent ink pads and hand write my company name on each card with Sharpie ultra fine pens. In RI, the weather can really wreak havoc on the printer ink. Is yours permanent?

  3. Your earrings are amazing!! As is your idea for your cards to hang them!! Glad you shared. And no, you didn't over think things - everything looks fab!

  4. Love these new earrings, Staci! <3

  5. I love your new earrings and cards - they will look super on the black bi-fold doors!

  6. Hey, I'm wearing the earrings you made right now - love'em! And I get lots of compliments on them.
    I love your earring card idea, and the fact that you can write details about them on the cards. I am always very interested in what the components of the earrings are, and if there are any beads from other artists in them.
    Love the blue glass and urchin spine earrings! And the new "half hoop" style!

    1. So glad you like them Erika. I have more Karen Totten beads, but none quite like yours. they are truley one of a kind earrings you got:)

  7. love the cards, could you give me a little more information about the program you used and how you trasferred your hand drawing to the computer? very interested and love them.

    also, do you know if you can get half shutters so they could just sit on the table? thanks