Monday, January 9, 2012

New Stuff and A lot to Think About

Thank you to all of you who have given wonderful advice for my upcoming bead show.  There were alot of themes repeated.....these two stuck out to me.......

1.  unique beads
2. uncluttered booth

As far as customer service, I have done jewelry shows for years, so I think I got that;-)  Booth design, I am sure will be original, and funky to match  my style.  Prices, a good range for all.  Sets, focals, examples all good to have.

I probably won't do kits, since they are a lot of work, and it didn't seem that many of you would have purchased them.  I know I never did.  Original focals need original designs, so I think thats they way I will go with that.

I am still reading through each suggestion more carefully.  You guys were great.  I wish I could send you all a each deserve it.  Anyway- still time to enter, check it out here.  Its all given me much to think about as I create!

And of course, I am newly inspired to add some more original stuff to my collection.  I am trying out how metal and polymer can co-exist in my hearts.  Here are some from the first batch.

They almost look like porcelain, and I love the colors of the one on the left, it really looks glazed.  Having too much fun with these.  Now for some wear and tear testing, ect.....................gotta make sure they are going to last and wear well.

So, with my list 4 pages long to prepare for Berk Bead Bazaar, of course I am going off list to try new things........what a bad time to be inspired.  Do you do that too?  Get the most inspired when there are a million things to do? 

Let me know if I am alone on that.......................and have a Happy Monday!


  1. These are great! You have such original style that shows through no matter the medium. Good luck with your show!

  2. Hi, Staci,
    I gotta did they beauties stand up to the test? I'm just starting to experiment with polymer clay and would love to add some wire embellishments. Hope it is a resounding YES! because these hearts are so great. Can see how they would be addicting to make.