Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday

I really missed these.  So many wednesday's seem to have gone by, with no time or interesting things going on.

Well- this week, I am cleaning out my studio. I can't work in there.  It's out of control.  I need to make beads for Berks, I need to do some custom orders.  Here is a picture of my desk, only AFTER an hour or so of cleaning.  I somehow gather little bowls and plates and such after each thing I make, and now I have to sort beads, and wires and trash.  That little 10x10 spot is not gonna cut it as a work surface.

And then there are piles on the floor of papers and such that need to find a home or be recycled.  But I did get a path cleared to walk.

So I managed to make some beads this week, only because my polymer "studio" is portable and can be done at the kitchen table.  I had a night alone over the weekend and popped on a movie and made beads.  (Watched Eat, Pray, Love.........again!)

These were born that night!

Combined Metal elements with the polymer, I am in love!  I like the new bails too, kinda folk artsy, I call them, Hanging Hearts.

And here they are painted.  I still have half in mid-paint, because the studio needs to get done TODAY!  I need to catch up on orders and production for the Bead Show. 

I did HAVE to do this though (see below) A practice set up for the bead show.  I need to figure out some lighting, and I had to visualize the space I need to fill with beads.  As you can see, I barely have any right now, and need to get crankin'!

I am also wating for my banner to arrive so I can hang it on the front.  I am pretty excited to see it, I think it will POP! 

So those of you who gave advice on my set up, what do you think?  How is this?  I tried to spread out the trays, give some room to set down your things, ect..............  I will be adding a couple trays, but there is plenty of room.

I am also sure it will change 1000 times before the show.  But at least now I know how much to make.

So, happy Bead Table Wednesday!  What's on your bead table????


  1. I love your set up! Looks great. Where did you get the trays?

    Also, your hearts *sigh*, wonderful. :)

  2. La mia scrivania di lavoro è mmessa peggio della tua! Ceri cose bellissime e ti seguo con tanto interesse.
    A presto
    Monica (Italy)

  3. The setup looks great. I love old wooden crates as displays. The hearts are wonderful as well. My daughter likes to make stuff in polymer clay, although her stuff is usually very, very tiny food items, or animals. Do you use regular acrylic paint? I think she would love to try that. Glad to know that someone else's space looks as bad as mine. My hubs is working on converting a tv armoire for me to store beads. It will also have a drop down table. I'm so excited for him to finish, to see if I can actually get all my stuff in one general area!!

  4. Congratulations on being featured on Polymer Clay Daily! Love your hearts!

  5. Beautiful work, I love alcohol inks on polymer- the colors are so earthy and vibrant. Congratulations on your PCD debut!! How exciting.