Friday, July 8, 2011

Love My Art Jewelry Giveaway and other stuff

Have you been over to the Love my Art Jewelry blog yet?  Its a great group of very creative gals, and they talk about and promote using handmade components to make unique and handmade jewelry.  Its a great blog, and I enjoy reading it everyday!  Well, they are having a giveaway right now!  So check it out.  They are asking for some feedback- and you will be entered to win these beauties, made by Jennifer VanBenschoten
They also have an Art Spark challenge each month, where you create within the theme, upload your picture to flickr (and if you want, write a little about your inspiration and process) and you are then entered to win some really fabulous prizes.  This months is a nature theme~ which I am very excited about.  You can check it out here!
Soon- I will be added as an author to LMAJ, and I couldn't be more excited.  I love this group of ladies, and they work very hard to bring you a comprehensive site for all things Art Jewelry!!  So I encourage you to come over, check out the site, and add your thoughts and comments, because a community isn't a communtiy without communication both ways!  We'd love to hear from you.

What have I been up to you ask????  Well, even thought I didn't have to make more jewelry for this upcoming show, I did.  I just can't seem to go to a show without some new pieces?  Do any of you get like that????  Anyway, here is what I have been up to this week.  Enjoy!  And if you are in PA- come on out to the Tinicum Arts Festival!

Like those silk cords??? I buy them from Marsha Neal Studios.  They make a great alternative to silver chain- comfy, add color and keep the cost down.  She has every color you can imagine!  You can buy them here (along with her awesome beads and pendants).
So- with my new adventure to begin soon on Love my Art Jewelry- my question to all of you is, what do you look for when reading daily blogs?  AND what turns you off in a blog?  Do you want all information?  To see designs?  Do you not want to hear about the artists kids?  Ect....  There are no wrong answers, I just want to know what you guys think.
Personally- I love getting to know the artists / bloggers.  I like to hear about their craft AND their life.  Most of all, I love information...where did you get that tool?  How do you etch with a battery?  Where did you get those fabulous beads?
So what do you look for?

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  1. I like a little of their personal so that I understand where the designs come from. I enjoy pictures of tools, techniques, purchases and creations. I enjoy discussions, instructions and debates. What really does not catch my attention is a post that is all text. Grab my attention with at least one picture.
    Great necklaces I love your style so different from mine.