Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BTW Bead Table Wednesday~ What's Up Guys?

Well- after a long weekend away from my family and lots of prep work the weeks before, I took some time off last week to just hang out with the kids and catch up here. 

Our local library has great summer programs for the kids, and I just love it.  They get rewards for reading, they have free educational and fun entertainment on thursday nights, and the kids get a free book to keep each friday!  I think we are reading more now then we were during the school year.

So, now Tinicum Arts Festival is this weekend....but I am NOT freaking out (seriously~I am really not).  I have lots to sell.  I do need to beef up the bracelet department, and play with the new load of bronze from the kiln, because honetly, I don't think I could do a show without a few new necklaces. But I feel ready (for once) Tinicum is a great show, shady park, GREAT friends and vendors there, and wonderful customers.  It's one of the those places people come year after year, and I enjoy it very much!
I also took some time for me.  I dyed my hair (yes- I do it myself).  I wanted something funky and two tone.  So I dyed the back blonde and left the front brownish / red.  I don't look good with blonde hair against my face- it just doesn't go with my complexion....but I thought this way- I could be blonde and brunette.  I like it~ but it was such a bear to get it light.  Two applications of ultra blonde and a highlight kit later, I get reddish blonde.  I'll take it.  I love redheads.  (I hate taking pics of myself, so please ignore my funny face I am making)

So~ its bead table wednesday again, and all I have is a list and some bronze pieces sitting on my table.  I better get crackin if I want to get these made along with some more of my cuff bracelets.  I made lots of little sea urchin charms- since they were a hit as earrings at the last show, and I have had some orders for them too.  I also made a new mold from a large and really wonderful sea urchin for some pendant size pieces.  I think they will get riveted to some cool copper backings.

What I want to know is, what is pulling you out of the studio this summer?  Your children?  Your garden?  The pool?  There are so many wonderful distractions this time of year!

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  1. Love, love the hair and the gorgeous creation around your neck! The festival sounds like fun and I'm sure you'll sell lots and lots of goodies.