Monday, July 11, 2011

My Art Spark Entry ~ Nautre Inspired

I am drawn to water. Whether it is the grand ocean, or a little stream.....that is where I want to be. Around here we have marshy ponds, and the woods behind my home is wetlands. I started making these lily pad bezels, and this one really looked lily pad!!! So the piece was designed with that thought ~ marshes around ponds, all the shades of green and the great textures you will find in the grasses, and mosses and water plants.
What you will find in this piece: a copper and fine silver bezel with sea glass in the center (remember, I made 18 of these??), a rare and awesome green color turquoise donut (love love love that shade of green), some kind of crakle agate in green, a bronze starburst bead from my Artisan Accents shop, a greek ceramic / bronze bead, handmade clasp, and a hand dyed silk cord from Marsha Neal (you can get lost in all the great colors she has in these!!!)
Anyway- please check out the Art Spark Challenge this month here.  Create something that is inspired by the world around you, and then upload it to the flickr group, with a description of your inspiration and credit to who made the beads. 
Prizes this month are.......

This is a great season to walk outside, smell and listen to all the wonderful summerness going on, and let it fill you with ideas!!  So enter, and these could be yours!

How many of you are already inspired by nature in your designs????  (I bet its a lot of you)


  1. The necklace is so beautiful - I love the colors and design! Just great!

  2. I just love your design sense, Miss Staci! I love the way these elements are brought into harmony by the colors and the placement. So lovely and something that I would definitely wear. Enjoy the day!

  3. I love your necklace. And your lily pad bezel is wonderful. I really like the sea glass in it. And the color of the donut is a fav of mine, too.