Friday, June 24, 2011

"Breaking Through" My Artisan Clay Design Team Piece

So, its another reveal day, already!!!  When Kristie asked what we would like to use this month, I jumped on smoke fire beads.  I love that no two are alike, that when she makes them, she has no idea how they will look.  And no matter how they end up, they are all amazing in their own way.

She let us pick our beads too, and this one just called my name (bottom left).  I immediately thought it looked like storm clouds clearing, with rays shining through, and was so happy to snag it. 

The entire necklace is designed around my Artisan Clay focal.  I just wanted to mimic that pattern, color and or shape through the whole piece.  I am sooo happy with this necklace!  I haven't taken it off (except to sleep in) since I made it.

The process:
Cut out copper base free form and hammered texture
Soldered bezel onto base
Bezeled donut in
found the perfect turquoise donut, with the same shape of color changes as the AC donut (needed a pop of color)
used three of my handmade organic shaped circle connectors in copper with dark patina
and finished with a Mykonos bead in bronze (ceramic with a metal finish- love their organic shape)
Instead of chain, I matched one of Marsha Neals silk cords to the turquoise and used one of my newly made hook clasps

TaDa!  Thats it.  I love it.  Its me.  Kristie rocks.  Can't wait to see what the other team members made.
Check it out here.

If you are not doing anything this weekend, please stop by the Lewes DE Sea glass and coastal arts festival!!!!!  I will be there will bells on (and lots and lots of coffee in me;=)


  1. you are so awesome! I wish I cold creat things like this. Amazing :-)

  2. Turned out so lovely. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Gorgeous! Wish I could do that too!

  4. That is a fantastic necklace - I love it!

  5. Another amazing piece, Staci! I love how you bezeled the donut, just lov eit! :D

  6. I ADORE this piece!!! Of course the bezel is perfect but my favorite part is the mix of metals and finishes! You rock!

  7. That pieces lays beautifully on your neck. It's stunning!

  8. The necklace is stunning! I love Kristi's smoke fired rings also - have 2 I am hording but just love what you did with yours.