Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kids, Sister in Law, Sea Glass and ~ Bead Table Wednesday

Man- do I miss these guys.  They are home for the summer, and I have been soooo very busy, I can't stand it!  They are doing Bible School this week, so that is fun for them, but I can't wait until next week, when my show is done, and its all about them!

This year, I am trying to manage my time better, but its a learning process.  Now that I make my own components and findings, I am realizing HOW much more time I need to spend getting those things stocked, before I can even begin to create.  So, I am behind.  I had very little sea glass jewerly for this festival, and have been filling my display like crazy.  Its getting there, but its still kinda bare.

A new tradition has kinda formed with my "week before the show" panic.  My sister in law (I just LOVE her~ it is rumored that I married her brother, just to gain her as a sister.  I will not comment on that though...LOL) moved very close to us last year.  So she now comes over one night and helps during my mad dash to finish up.  She does things like sew the little bags for my jewelry, and package up pendants, like these below.  We put on some good tunes, drink a little wine, and gab, and gab and gab (oh yeah- and work too!).  It's extrememly fun.  I look forward to that "break" in my crazy show prep week.   I totally owe some kind of awesome necklace now!  She really rocks.

Now- Bead Table Wednesday.  Oh my word.  Time if flying by.  Ok- here's the table, or a small, semi-clean section of it anyway.
Bezels, charms and sea glass swirls waiting to be assembled!

Yes- I made more bezels, these are all silver.  I just love them.  I used very rare sea glass colors- I thought they deserved only the best.  Well, even thought I knew better, and though I was very careful, my Liver Of Sulphur got under the sea glass.  RRGGG!  This one is ruined.  I thought of selling it for a discount, I mean, I would wear it, but if you are a sea glass collector, it really takes away from the value, of the perfect lime green sea glass.  So, since my sister in laws favorite color is green (and she likes bright colors), and she didn't think this looked bad, I think this will be hers!  She will rock this necklace, and I would be honored to have her own a nice silver piece of my jewelry. 

So thats it.  I need to make charm necklaces today (to which my hubby says, "oh those are my favorite"~ to which I give him funny looks, never realizing he even noticed my jewerly, so sweet!)  I need to make the rest of those pieces laying on my table, waiting to be made into complete necklaces.  I need to wrap some rings, and drill some more glass to take with me.  *sigh*  Getting there.
At least all these earrings are done.  I need to do a few more pairs, but Whew!!!!  I hope that 65 pairs will be ok!

Now- if you all wouldn't mind praying, or doing an anti-rain dance for Lewes DE this weekend, I would appreciate it.  Thanks!!!!!

Now to go and see whats on your bead table, because I miss my bloggy time!


  1. You sure have been busy! Your jewelry looks fantastic, and I know you will do really well.

  2. SO beautiful -- all of it!!! I'll send you some of our endlessly dry weather... just a weekend's worth so you don't get too parched! I hope you have a great show and then get to really enjoy some summer time with your kids.

  3. Like I said before, your stuff is amazing! You will do great!

  4. What a WONDERFUL sister in law! It sounds like the two of you have tons of fun while being productive. I know you've been so busy - wow, just looking at all of the behind the scenes, I can appreciate all that you've been up to this week (and it makes ME tired thinking about it!). I wish you the best of luck, great weather and lots of fun this weekend! Your sea glass jewelry is jus so beautiful, I hope to add a piece for my jewelry collection some day.