Thursday, March 31, 2011

Remember this?

Remember the giveaway I had with this heart pendant? 

Well, Erin Strothers won, and she made this wonderful, awesome necklace! 

I just love what she did with it.  I love the softness of the ribbon, contrasted with the rough of the nuggets.  The design is just perfect and I am so happy to see my heart pendant in such a beautiful piece of jewelry.  Thanks for letting me know what you did with it Erin!!!  You can check out Erin's other creations in her etsy shop.

Erin is entering this in Bead Star 2011.  You can vote for your favorites on their website between April 25th and May 17th (I think).  How fun is that????

I started to list a few polymer hearts in my etsy shop Artisan Accents.  Tonight and tomorrow I will be listing many components, some ideas of how to use them, a giveaway AND a coupon to use while shopping. 
I hope you will join me for the fun.


  1. She did good Jane, didn't she???

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my work! Its always easy to come up with a good design when you start with a great, unique focal element.
    Erin S

  3. It's gorgeous! I love how she picked the colors out of the focal pendant and found beads to match them. This is piece is very balanced and cohesive, and just all around very lovely. :)

  4. Gorgeous the colors she chose to accent the necklace are amazing.

  5. What a pretty piece. She really did that pendant justice. Love it.