Thursday, March 31, 2011

Artisan Accents by Staci Louise.... Welcome to Etsy!

LOL!  Ok, its late, I am being silly....but I am also really excited.  So I will be listing some components on and off all day and maybe through the weekend.  (we'll see how many I get through today). 

Ok- fun is a coupon you can use on your purchases to get 10% off my Artisan Accents shop until next friday, April 8th!  Just use coupon code SLOblog10 at checkout to redeem it.  You may share this with friends, its for my bloggy community, a little thanks for all the help and encouragement I have received from you all.

More fun stuff.......GIVEAWAY!
Enter to win this Polymer Clay Heart in purple and green!

To enter, check out my shop sometime this week, and let me know what your favorite component is    by leaving a comment on this post.

For an extra chance to win, please blog or facebook about this, with a link to this post, and then make sure to leave an additional comment stating how you shared (with a link if possible, so I can check out your cool blogs).

Please make sure I have a way to contact you, leave your email or make sure your profile has that information available so I can let you know if you win.

Winner will be picked Friday, April 8th at noon.  You have all week to enter. 


  1. Love your new components shop Staci. I think my favourite is the "Window to My Heart" - or perhaps the bronze angel wing, or Night Flight. It's so hard to make a choice, as they are all so great.

  2. No question about it butterfly wings are my fav. I am in love with this heart too! I hope I win :-)

  3. shared on fb as shannon iko chomanczuk

  4. My favorite piece is the Time Soaked Shell connector, with the Triton's Fury a close second! I favorited you shop and will have to keep it in mind when payday comes around :) Thanks for the giveaway and coupon code, and best of luck with your new shop!

  5. This one :

    LOVE the color and the texture! Amazing work of art. Your components are so pretty!

  6. My favorite is Give Me Wings So that I May Soar. I email your blog to my friends and I'll post it on facebook when I'm done working.

  7. Nice work! I like the bronze clay pieces the best--the shell connector and the wave one are both really cool.
    Erin S