Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Proper Procedure for Removal of Wolfe Spiders

Ok, it may not be the proper procedure, but its how it went down here this morning.

1. Oldest boy of 9 comes in to wake mother in a panic, because the biggest and fastest spider he ever saw has invaded his room

2. Youngest boy of 4 gets his spider catching gear to go in and be the hero

3. Mother tells the boys not to be scared, because the spider will not attack you (all the while being scared the spider might attack her)

The spider is still at large, and I hope I don’t have to act brave in front of my little guys, because, I really hate spiders.

Ahhhhh, I guess it means that spring is truely here.  Bugs and all.  I'll take it, I guess.

How about you, are you a brave spider catcher, or do you still scream like a little girl (or want to anyway) when you see an 8 legged critter?


  1. I can't even look at that picture! My kids laugh at me because I am the one who screams and runs away. :)

  2. Totally in for screaming and hoping the man is around to remove it:-)

  3. No screaming at spiders here. Only at bats! Gosh I hate bats.

    I'll be listening today and if I hear a scream outside, I'll know where it came from.

  4. Yeah, Wolfe spiders are a really big phobia, and the really big black ants too.

  5. I am for sure the screamer...but I keep it inside because I don't want my kids to be oldest boy already refuses to go back into his room until its been removed!!! My fear comes from this- one time when I was young, I woke up with one of those, yes, that exact spider, on my shoulder. I could have made the olympics with my time from the bedroom to the kitchen to get my dad!!! LOL! Thank goodness it was on the outside of the covers!

  6. I can be a bit of both. It depends on how "out of their territory, they are and how much they're in mine".

    If I have to be the brave one... I will. I love Mr. C's go-gettem gear.

  7. Lord, that photo is creepy! They hide in laundry piles and seem to turn and crouch at you, yikes! I was just reading along your blog, having fun, then BAM! That photo!

  8. I found a huge black dead spider in my bed when I woke up the other morning. Yep, I must have rolled on it in the middle of the night and killed it. I am terrified of big spiders. That wolf spider looks menacing and up to no good!