Monday, July 11, 2016

Tinicum Arts Festival: Weekend Review

What a wonderful weekend at Tinicum Arts Festival.  
As some of you may know (if you follow my blogs or Facebook) sales at shows have been really down for me.  Like, REALLY down.  I was getting quite discouraged.  

I had considered not doing Tinicum Arts Festival at all this year.  And that is huge, because I have been doing that show for around 13 years.  It is like family there, great vendors, its in a shady park, the folks that run it are like family too.  Anyhow......

Instead of not doing the show, I did some thinking and decided to change directions and add some art prints (linocuts) and hand dyed and printed purses to my booth- and that gave me a nice distraction.

So for the first time in a long time I was EXCITED again to do a show.  If for not other reason, then to show off my stuff.  

But then I started to follow the weather for the weekend, and sure enough it was chance of storms and temps in the mid to high 90's!  Now, I don't do well in the heat anymore.  And I don't mean, like, it is uncomfortable, I mean, I feel ill.  My heart races, I ache.  It really effects me.  So I spent the week praying for better weather (no storms) and lower temps.  I also got a bigger batter operated fan, a small hand fan / mister, and brought an extra cooler of water and a bowl to fill and dip my feet in should I get too overheated.  I have a bunch of neck coolies in the cooler which I rotate too.  They really help. (neck coolies has something in them that absorbs water, so you can keep it in the cooler once you activate it with water, and then tie it around your neck.  Cools you down instantly!!!
Here is the woman I buy from, I add a new one each year to my collection!!!

Here is my newest batik fabric one (not activated yet)

I am so happy to say, the storms broke up, with I think only one overnight on saturday while we were gone (looked as if there was only one tent casualty from that, and she didn't have weights on her tent, so......................)  Instead of the temps being in the 90's for Saturday as the weather said, they didn't even crest 70!!!!  With it being misty out it was actually chilly.  I didn't use any of my "cooling" kit.  Instead I put a shawl over my shoulders part of the morning.  Sunday was gorgeous, high 70's low 80's, sunny.  I broke out my fan for that day, and used a neck coolie for pack up, but it was not bad at all.  It is amazing how much better I felt after the shows with it being in oppressive heat. 

Another thing that helped me to feel better, is that I invested in a nice chair to sit in.  I need to sit up high, since I sit behind my tables.  I used a stool forever, because it was cheap, and collapsible, and I stand most of the time anyhow.  But the last year my body has protested this (not to mention, slower shows mean more sitting).  I found this one on amazon, and could NOT believe the price.  Not to mention, it is roomy (I am not a little woman) and sturdy (must be able to be thrown in the back of a vehicle with multiple things piled on it, repeatedly and survive.  Well, I love it.  It takes up a bit more room in the vehicle, and the booth (its very wide), but I felt wonderful and relaxed.  I was just what I needed.

Here is the link to the listing on Amazon.

My son Aiden (14) was my helper all weekend at the show.  Set up, tear down, sales, booth watching.....fetching me food.  He was wonderful.  I love spending time with him and he enjoyed catching some new Pokemon in a new location (yep, he is into Pokemon go!).  He got to walk around with a fellow artist and dear friend who didn't do the show this year too, and I think he really enjoyed spending time with him and having that freedom.  I am so thankful he enjoys shows and the arts!!!

I had to play with the display since I had new items.  The first day, with it being misty out, we had to keep the prints inside and the bags.  

First they were tucked in a corner (nope- didn't work well) 

and then we moved them up more (better). 

 But on Sunday when it was sunny, we moved them out front as I had wanted to have them, and they got soooo many people looking through them, which was nice. I sold a few as well!

I also brought extra hangers for the bags, since they were soooooo clustered together  on Saturday.
You couldn't see the designs or root through them well because they were piled on top of each other..

Sunday they were more spread out, and I even put the tote bags out front.  They got more fondling and I even sold some of them.

I also ditched my shutters for the earrings and used closet shelving we had in the basement.  Worked better because I could have them inside for bad weather, and didn't have to take them down at the end of the day to lower the tent or to have the sides on.  

I think sometimes I love setting my display up as much as creating!!!!  I still think I need some sort of coat tree for out front to display the bags.  I think they need that.  Eventually I will do that!  For now, this is my last outdoor show till September.  So today is cleaning up, rinsing off the tent, drying walls and table cloths and packing it up till fall.

Another thing I want to mention, because, you know, polymer- is my friend Mary-Lynne Moffatt, who took BEST IN SHOW,  at the annual Art Barn art show, which brings artists from all over Bucks County and NJ as well.  Out of all the entries, in all mediums, she got the Best in show.  Go Mary-Lynne and go polymer!  I love seeing polymer taken more seriously as an art form!!!

Her chess set is something to behold, and I wish you could see it in person.  Each piece hand sculpted.  

You can find her on Facebook here.

Anyhow, I am glad I did the show.  There is such a feeling of family there.  Even a slow show there is nice because there is good company and lots of artist to visit and chat with. 

I wish I had taken more pictures.  I am so busy talking I always forget!!!!



  1. So happy that the weather wasn't as bad as expected and kudos to Aiden for helping you out all day - what an awesome kid! Your booth looks great! I really hope you add the tote bags and prints to your shop. Besides art beads, I am also a hand bag/tote bag addict. :) I also could use some art for the walls in our new home. Now that we own a home I can finally hang photos and art on the walls! Your new art compliments your jewelry perfectly, it all flows well together. Well done Staci-you rock!

    1. Thank you! I really wanted the art to tie into the jewlery. I think it has an earthy, modern feel to it, like my jewlery. Plus, I love linocuts. I love the black and white (or color), I like the sketchy lines from carving, I have always been drawn to them. As far as the bags and prints go, I will probably list some in the destash group this week, maybe next, and then maybe a few in my shop if I have time. my POOR shop! lol! so naked!

  2. Very interesting post. Thank you for mentioning those cold packs. I really have heat issues, and I will check those out. I'm also happy you are going to list some prints. I really love them.