Friday, July 3, 2015

Oh the Memories of Times Gone by...............

The Grateful Dead are playing their last shows ever this weekend.  I think until the begining of this week I tried not to think of it too much, since we couldn't go to Chicago to see them.  

So, a bunch of our friends have decided to have a picnic, and pull together to be able to stream the show live, using a projector.  Our kids will all be able to go, there will be swimming and camping and plain old fun.  I mean, that is what its always been about anyway.  The friendship, the comradery, the parking lot, the party, the camping.  Meeting new people, dancing and having a TON of fun.   I am REALLY blessed that many of the friends we used to go to shows with from back then, are still my close friends to this very day.

We were children!  Scroll down to bottom for more pictures of my Dead Days!

I decided I needed to make something- of course at the last minute- to have and keep from this weekend.

So I grabbed my polymer and decided to make some Steal your Face beads.  Of course, they have my signature spin on them, but I had so much fun making them.
I wanted to make something sort of uni-sex and simple.  So I made the beads to slide onto a ball chain or leather cord.  Here they are before the final crackle coat went on.

And here they are all done!  I just love how they turned out.  I will have some beads available on my Facebook page later after they are sealed and dry.  They will be $10 a bead.  I wanted to keep it easy, and keep the cost low- because I just want everyone who wants one to have one! (no cord or chain included)

Today, I broke out my old scrap book and took some pictures of our fun days at the Dead Shows.  I am even more excited to hang out with my friends tomorrow night now.  Good times with grate people ;)

My brother took me to my first show, we had no tickets and tried to get a miracle.  We just hung out in the parking lot taking it all in.  He would also play guitar and quiz me on songs by a couple rifts so I would not embarrass him at a show!  LOL!

Here we are playing with bubbles and devil sticks at the first show we had tickets for.  (bottom right corner)

In our Nations Capitol, with the grocery store mascot from where I worked, giving away free advice (good advice was $1) from the back of a VW  
Fun times.....

At the campground, it rained that year and everything we owned got muddy and we slept in our cars!  this was before all that, and yes- I had long hair and was SKINNY!  ah, those were the days...

Dead show in NYC with my BFF (still my bff by the way)  YES PLEASE!  (and I hand embroidered my steal your face overalls too)

Typical parking lot scene (at RFK its a field though)

Well- I need to keep working, gotta seal these beads, and clean up and food shop for the weekend.  Enjoy your 4th of July, and if you are listening to the show or there, or watching it, may the music never stop!


  1. Going to see a simulcast this weekend, enjoy your party! =) Sounds fun

  2. My kids went to Chicago on the 4th for the fireworks at Navy Pier. Lots of Dead Heads in town. Back in the day, you could find Greateful Dead everything at fair booths. We still have a Jerry Garcia doll. My daughter loved them. I was really more into Pink Floyd. Love your Steal your Face beads.

  3. I was looking for myself in the background of your pictures; my first show was 1977. I had no intention to go to Chicago, but I did sorely miss the opportunity that weekend.