Friday, June 19, 2015

Beads Beads Beads- Polymer Fun!

I have been waiting for some time (a whole week of time) to just play with some polymer ideas I have had floating around in my mind.  I mean, Sculpey came out with some new colors I couldn't wait to try, I bought Pans Pastels, and Iced Enamels to play with, and have been dying to try some age old techniques and work them into my own style.  The first week of summer vacation ended up being that week for me!!!

So, here are some of the things I have been working on.  I figure, it is never too early to start stockpiling beads for Beadfest.  I will be adding some new things to the shop along the way, but I need to begin the stockpile as well.

This tray has some new and old designs.  I am really loving my new carved lotus focals, and giving them easy to string up bails, two at the top and one on the bottom (some are just two at the top). Here are some great ways to use them.

Just add chain..............
(this one is an eye focal, but the same  layout)

or do some simple wire wrapped beads

Or go more elaborate like Sherri Stokey of Knot just Macrame did with her 's

Of course there are new sugar skulls, and each one is hand formed and stamped, so no two will be alike at all!  I have been adding nice hints of gold under my paints, to give some pendants that gold leaf feel to them.

There will be polymer moon babies!!!!

and large spikes

I also began to play with some of the new opal clay from Sculpey.  It is a bit odd, the chunks of "opal" are sort of big, but I found that I love using it as quartz veining in some donuts and beads.  Look for more of these!!!

I also have been playing with translucent clay, and love these carved earrings- the translucent gives them a dreamy soft quality.  Though not all these spikes are translucent clay, I love seeing them all together

(here is what they look like pre-carving)

The color Graphite Pearl from Sculpey was another I was excited about.  I love the look of caving all black clay, but thought hey, what if I put a layer of this under it, since its a dark grey?  well, I did it with black over graphite and white over graphite and i love them both.  They have a soft shimmer of a real stone!  

I also played with the new Rose Glitter or Rose gold? color from Sculpey.  I carved with this and did some pans pastels over it, I really like the little pop of shimmer it gives!

I also made these beads, by mixing Iced Enamels into the clay before baking (in translucent).  I saw this first on Paisley Lizards blog!  I had to try it out myself!  I love how it looks like stones

For these I used Iced Enamels on top of the clay.  

Needless to say, I am having a blast and will have LOTS of new beads for Bead Fest this year.  I cannot believe it is right around the corner.  It will be here before I know it, so, bead making goes into full gear starting NOW.

Well, that is all I got done this week.  Some of the stuff was staged and made weeks ago, but never finished, but none the less, I guess its a good amount!!!!

I will let you know when I do a shop update and get some of this new stuff in there!

or you can find my crackle painting technique tutorial here 


  1. Love the new clay you have been working with. The white over the graphite looks awesome as do the iced enamels mixed with the clay. Do you carve your beads before or after they are baked? You sure did accomplish a lot this week! I am swooning over these beads, can't wait for Bead Fest!

  2. You do such crazy awesome work! Are most of your pieces carved after cure or before?

  3. I always love seeing your new work. It's all so cool! Now, I'm wanting to go try some of the new products!