Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Cleaning: Studio ProgressBeads

I am a pile person.  I like to have things where I can see them.  Beads laid out in trays, books stacked up high, papers piled so I don't forget to look through them.  All this quickly leads to a VERY messy studio.  

I am embarking on a new venture.  I am shooting video to do a Craftcast webinar.  This will be my first one, and I am both excited and nervous.  So, I really needed to clean up in order to have space to do this.  (one more thing keeping me from creating- I am chomping at the bit to make more beads and jewelry!)

So, what started as clearing a spot, turned into a almost a full gutting of the studio (minus one set of shelves that I will do "later"- aka, next

So grab a cup of coffee and come with me through my studio.  It is so small, its actually hard to film it, with not enough room to back up, but I love it, its my join me......
(and I never get tired of look at my zen floor)

Here are the video tours.  The first is when I had done the workbench and bead trays.  I still hadn't done the shelves by the solder area on top of the benches, or the big shelves in the corner....which were a MESS.

This second video is the studio all cleaned up.  I have music blasting, so you may want to turn down the volume.  I tried to drown out the sound of kids in the background.

  So, now I am ready to tackle my endless list and spend some time creating in here!

It feels really good to have a clear space to work.  My mind is so much more relaxed now.  My clutter, though I find some comfort in it, also creates stress........I need to purge and organize like this now and again.  

Happy Spring Cleaning to you all!  Perhaps this will inspire a few of you to clean up the studio too. I am sure I am not the only artist whose work area gets piled high!  It sure feels good!!!

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  1. it's such a good feeling of accomplishment when one finishes a project . and cleaning one's studio is a MAJOR project. Hope you get to make some stuff soon, as a reward to yourself for a job well done. Looks lovely . I am so envious of your Swanstrom? disc cutter i see on one shelf. some day i will treat myself to one as well.