Monday, March 16, 2015

Classes and Why I Teach

I have had some changes to my Spring Teaching Schedule for Bead Fest.  The full day ring class has been dropped.  However, my Sunday class, Painted Polymer Fossil Talisman is still on and has some spaces still available.  

This is a wonderful class that I had a blast teaching last August.  It is packed with techniques, both polymer and jewelry assembly.

What I love about teaching is that I get to share what I have learned with you, and I hope that you will take that, and use it to further your art.  I not only teach techniques, but also share tips for making quality pieces and making things easier along the way.  I hope that my class will encourage you to play and grow as an artist, and most of all, find your voice as an aritst.

My students rocked this class last time, here is a sample of their work.  I was so happy to see they nailed the project, while each having their own personal spin on their beads.  Most of them were beginners in at least one aspect, either polymer or wire work or both.  They did wonderful!

Since my Saturday class was canceled, I will demo'ing for Para Wire a couple times on Saturday.  When I know the times I will let you know.  Please stop by for some free wire demo's.

You can find more info on my class and sign up here

At August Bead Fest I am teaching a couple classes.  Both of them I am really excited about.  The first is a full day class, but I know it will go fast.  We will be learning to form a polymer sugar skull, paint it with my techniques, and then to cut and texture a copper backing from sheet metal, and rivet them together.  We will practice riveting first, which is a technique that you will be able to use a million different ways.  And to make it more fun, we will be using ball head rivets on the final project to make things looks nice.  

At the end of the day, you will go home with your own Sugar Skull necklace and a lot of new techniques.

Then on Sunday at the August Bead Fest I will be teaching a short 2 hours class with some fun and loose heavy gauge wire work.  This is another one of those classes where I think you can take this project and then find a million new ways to use it.  I totally love this one and I think you will too.

For more info on my classes in August or to sign up you can follow this link

I hope you can make it out for one of them- it would be great to meet more of you in person!


  1. To anyone reading this: The class last August was amazing and you could see that all the participants were having fun. I learned a lot and also gained confidence in working with polymer clay. If you are looking to take a class this spring or in August, I would recommend Staci's classes. (And no this is not a paid ad. ;) It's just a spontaneous endorsement.)

    1. Aww- thanks Linda! You were a huge help to me in that class :) I am glad you got so much out of it, even while helping! you rock