Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Well, despite my shoulder injury, and the pain, I decided to get back into the studio to do a bit of polymer clay. (I have a damaged rotator cuff and tendonitis from that.)

I have been in SUCH A FUNK since I haven't been able to just go in there and do what I want to.  I have so many ideas, yet I am desperately trying to rest my arm.  I never realized how much creating things is a therapy for me.

I was able to do a couple of batches of metal clay last week, and that was really nice, and didn't hurt my shoulder at all.

(made these fun Rune'd Hearts- hearts with Runes on them, each having their own meaning.  They are in the shop now)

Polymer requires a bit more movement though, so I wasn't sure how it would go.  However, I have been going nuts, absolutely nuts, not being able to create all the things I am dying to!  My sketch book is sooooo full right now.

So, I have been wanting to make more doodle beads.  Especially after Ginger's (the Blue Bottle Tree) wonderful post (find it here) about the best  pens to use on polymer clay.  So I bought a bunch of different sizes of the Pitt Markers that she recommended. 

So I dug into my polymer and got to work.

I cannot wait until these are done and I can play!!!

So, on and off I got to spend the day in the studio.  This is cooking now, and it makes me sooo happy.

I also figure some ways to roll the clay that doesn't make me use my shoulder at all.  I am learning to take it easy.  I am a slow learner, but I am getting there!

I feel like a million bucks right now.  I am sure it will be short lived, but making things really is good for the soul.  I needed that.

It really is the little things...............


  1. Yes! Making is the best therapy! Happy recovery - I guess it will be a bit happier now you've found out you can create while getting better! ;-)

  2. I'm glad you found a way to work while injured. I love, love, love your Rune'd Hearts.

    1. Thank you! i was excited about them too. i love symbols and meanings

  3. I couldn't agree more about creating being the best therapy. Being in my studio and working on jewelry has been the only source of comfort while I struggle with Twila's illness and situation. I am glad to see that you have found a way to create without doing any further damage to your shoulder.

    Love what you have done so far and can't wait to see the results! I also love how you stacked your trays in your oven-brilliant! I tried a conventional toaster oven for polymer clay but it ended up melting. So I then bought the Aamco one specifically designed for polymer and it worked beautifully!

    1. i love my convection oven! it really heats so evenly, between that and the pizza stones I use, its great! and I too am so happy to be creating. its slow, can't do near what I was, but I guess I needed a break too

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