Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Slow Going

I was really struggling to get back into the swing of things after Christmas.  It was a busy year and I just wanted to veg!  Well, the last few weeks I have been READY to get back into it, chomping at the bit even- but now my body is not cooperating.

I have dealt with repetitive stress injury's in joints before, my finger, elbow and tendinitis in my shoulder.  (sort of comes along with the trade I think)  Funny though that they were always my right arm.

Now I have something going on with my left arm.  It hurts, bad.  For example, typing too much makes my shoulder hurt. 

I am not sure if it is tendinitis, or bursitis or what.  I have been icing it and taking ibuprofenm resting it (what I have done in the past as per the doc for these sort of things) for a week and a half, and its just not turning a corner.  (other times they have resolved in a few days)  So I guess I need to break down and see the doc.  

I think what put it over the edge is that we adopted this sweet guy back in November.  

He is an adorable one year old pit bull / Staffordshire terrier.  

(here he was begging for cookies)

He is small, but all muscle, and I am trying to train him to walk nice on the leash, and I think that is what is putting my joints over the edge. They are probably already inflamed from the repetitive work I do (I had just made a bunch of wire wrapped earrings for the gallery and that was hard on my hands and all) and walking him often is just irritating them more. He also pulled me down once when I was not paying attention, and it was that arm, but that was before Christmas, and I had no shoulder pain from that really.  Anyhow, who knows really what is causing it.........(I have since figured out a way to not use my shoulder to walk him, by wrapping the leash around my waist and using my body.....so that helps).  

Its been a lot of work, but I am so happy he is part of our family now.  Trust me, not complaining about this guy, he melts my heart all day every day.   

 snuggling with his "brother"

Anyhow, with three dogs and three kids, my shoulder does not get the rest it should be.  Even my elbow is flaring up on that arm.

This is why there has been no new goodies.  I have TONS of ideas and drawings and things that I need to do, and I just haven't been able to try them.  It is killing me.  I just want to make things.  I honestly never realized just how cathartic creating was for me until I couldn't do it.  Oh my!  I am quite cranky.

Usually I would be making beads around the clock for the Berks Bead Bazaar.  It's been my first show of the year each year, and I looked forward to it. Now, I am thankful, because I don't think I could do it.  I guess sometimes things really do happen for a reason.

For my sanity, today I pulled out the metal clay.  Its been ages.  I am going to give that a shot, since there is no kneading, or rolling balls and other motions like that.  Hopefully I can make some new beads and it won't aggravate my shoulder.  It is feeling a wee bit better today, but I find I often say that in the morning and by night I can't put my shirt on without pain.  So we will see.

I just wanted to let you all know what was going on.  I think this is the longest lull in out put I have had in a year!  I will update Facebook with the metal clay progress- so stay tuned.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you. made some metal clay stuff today, and feeling pretty good. some pain, but nothing like it was. still guess I should I make an appt for me. I am the worst patient ;)

  2. I love your furry family family, I hope you feel better soon!

    1. thank you- i really love those pups! my little guy melts my heart daily

  3. I can so relate to dealing with the strength of a pit bull! Twila has unbelievable strength-it she wants to sniff something, nothing will stop her. It is sometimes comical (to others, not me) as they watch me attempt to direct her attention onto the path! Two hands on her leash, pulling with everything I've got. She may weigh less but definitely has more strength!

    Sorry to hear your body isn't feeling well. Perhaps it is in need of a well deserved break! Give it time. I find that when I force myself, I don't get very far physically or creatively! Plus, January is a relatively slow month sales-wise, so take advantage of that and rest. Easier said than done, right! ;)

    1. justin and I were both amazed at Tocchets strength. I have a 110lb lab and though he pulled! lol! i think the low center of gravity on the shorter dogs works in their favor!

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