Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow, Sale, Sickness and Beads

So far this week we have had a snow storm, and ice storm, and now, I have a sick little girl home.  'Tis the season I suppose.

isn't she adorable?

So, my sale is still going on, use code snowday15 in either shop to save 15% off your purchase 

I have been working really hard on beads for the upcoming Berks Bead Bazaar the first weekend of March in Reading PA.

the post card this year featured my beads !!!!  

I have apparently been making lots of donut shapes- so, I hope everyone wants donuts.  nothing is painted yet, and I still need to make metal clay components.  wish me luck.

I did finally get to make some connectors and such.  I hope to finish up polymer today / tonight and move into metal.  Then painting.  Feeling the crunch.

Also going on, Boot Camp for Feb /March over at Love my Art Jewelry is all about Asymmetry in Design.  We already have some great posts going on, so check it out - you can find the info each Monday on the blog- with links to any other boot camp posts from the previous week.

Oh- and did I mention that there was a lovely feature on my blog in Beads and Beyond February.  It made me blush!  

AND Bead Design Studio featured some of my beads in the Bead Art Section this February, 

as well as this great Make Money Now article featuring my Zen Doodle beads.....and my studio floor- which I am still soooo in love with.  I am so happy everyone likes it so much, and it was great to see it in a magzine!  The best part is, you can check that article out right on the website. 

So, wish me luck, I also have 4 magazine submissions to write, and some special things to make because I want to enter Bead Dreams this year, oh yeah, and taxes.  I have to enter all my receipts......from the whole year....... (all before Berks).   

So if my posts are random, full of this and that, or not frequent, this is why.  Bead brain is in full effect.  Now please pass the coffee :)

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