Monday, May 13, 2013

My Body is Tired but my Heart is Full

Well, I am finally through my back to back shows- two full weekends of shows, while being mom to three kids, wife, blogger, artist, friend.  I'm beat, but I loved every minute!
Saturday the weather looked a bit dismal, but the day turned out pretty good.  We did have about an hour of POURING rain, but I am so thankful there was no wind or lightning.  Just rain, I can do.
We all just put our walls up and rode it out.  I put on some tunes, cranked them up and enjoyed a glass of sangria while splashing my toes in the small river that ran by my tent.
Then the sun came back out, and so did some people.
The Bethlehem Fine Arts Festival gives awards out each year.  I never thought too much of it....until this year....when the judges came into my tent a couple of times, and began to ask the names of pieces and write stuff down.  I couldn't believe that I perhaps could be in the running for an award!  They give three prizes for best in show, second in show and third in, the whole show!  Not by category.  They also do a purchase prize (to hang in the mayors office), and a prize for best display.
So Justin (my hubs and helper for the weekend) and my brother and his wife (he was also vending) went to the awards ceremony following the show.  Well, guess who got Third in Show?  Yep, I did!  And my brother got Best Display!
(that's my big bro Rich from Scavenger can check his stuff out on facebook here)
I think I am still in shock....and happy, and then back in shock.  Here is my piece that won
Titled "All Knowing"
I have never won an award at an art show before.  Needless to say, I could have cried.  I was (and am) so happy, and thankful, to have my jewelry not only recognized as art, but awarded as such.  (it came with a check too, which was great, since Saturdays rain made for a slooooow sales day).
I went through a lot of emotions, but mostly it got me thinking.  I remember back when I started making jewelry, and I made what I thought people would buy.....and I didn't sell a lot, and I wasn't happy.  I remember when I took the plunge and made the jewelry that I wanted to wear, the crazy, big, bold, odd, jewelry........and it sold.  Well, lately, I feel like I am there again, holding back a little bit.  There are times, I have ideas I'd like to make, that may or may not be wearable, but they'd be art.  Receiving this award gave me the courage to take my pieces even further, and this year, I plan to add some fun pieces that are wearable, and sculptural at the same time. 
Here is a little tour of my booth from the weekend.  That cute guy is my hubs and show helper (he's the brawn).

Sunday the sun shined and the people came out, and it was wonderful. 
In the end though, even though it was a good show, and I won an award, Mothers Day Morning with my kids made me feel like the biggest winner of all. 
I got homemade Pokemon cards from the boys (in collector covers too) and a heart rock from Julia
 LOTS of homemade cards, and do dads, and paper with pompoms glued to it. I am pretty sure such things are reserved for celebrity moms ;) 
This however, this, made me cry.  Tears flowed, and I couldn't have felt more blessed.  My sweet Julia, came up with this on her own, and made a paper quilt, with the alphabet, and each letter was something about me and how awesome I am. 
I think my favorites are B- becoming an expert (cracks me up!!!) and K- kit that helps us feel better (I think she speaks of my first aid kits). 
My heart is full, my life is blessed.  This kids, they humble me in every way.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day.  Us moms deserve some props now and again.  It's a tough job.
  I know I also said prayers for those who don't always enjoy this holiday, whether they are missing their own moms, or missing their babies / children who are in heaven....or moms, who are moms in their heart, and haven't conceived that child they so long for yet.  To all of you, you too are in my heart.  You are in my thoughts, and my prayers.
Well- that's it, I am tired, but happy.  I am taking this week to catch up, answer emails, update things on LMAJ and unwind with my little ones.
Thanks to all who came out this weekend, to my new customers, as well as my return ones.  I am so happy each and every time one of my pieces goes home with someone who loves it.  A customer told me this weekend that I made the necklace they purchased just for them, I just didn't know it.  I think she's right.  I like to think of it that way.   Enjoy, and I hope to see you again soon! 


  1. Wow! What a wonderful post! I am so excited you won an award! Your beads and jewelry are all works of art and should be celebrated with awards! You display looked amazing! What a sweet mothers day gift! So glad you had such a wonderful weekend! Xo Genea

  2. Congrats on your reward, keep doing what you love!

  3. Congratulations - for your well-deserved award, and your wonderful children! Love those mother's day presents....

  4. Love this.. So happy for you.. YES! Make what you like. Make what YOU want to wear! Do the more Artsy Sculptural pieces you are thinking of.. I know they will be great.. I can feel it. You have a great style.. and you inspire me.
    Congrats on having great kids..<3

  5. What a heart-felt post! And I love your display too! What a perfect design to go with your jewelry, and it's all so coordinated and very classy! Congrats, again, on the award. The necklace is a piece of art...and you seem like a pretty terrific mom too. Your kids obviously think so!

  6. What a wonderful post! Thank you and a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you. :)

  7. Congrautlations on the award - it is certainly deserved. Your pieces really are awesome. If you have ideas floating around that you are hesitant to do - you need to get them out there. Look how wonderful your current work is and how well received it is. You are blessed with that special creative talent and you need to run with it. Good luck.

  8. I have never seen your work and I'm so glad I found you. You really are an artist and I'm glad the award made you happy. You deserve it.

  9. Wonderful news Miss Staci~ well deserved for sure, your work is so unique. I've said it before, but it bears repeating, you are someone I admire here in this arty-beady-jewelry world. You are talented, kind and an inspiration to others. Congratulations! {seems like we both had an amazing weekend :-D ]

  10. Congratulations on winning an award for your necklace-it is well deserved! Your designs are truly unique and exemplify wearable art. I agree about creating jewelry that you love and would wear. Continue to follow your heart and creative soul; it shows in your designs! Glad the rain didn't stick around long and you had a good weekend. Love what the kids made you for Mother's Day, how wonderful!

  11. Congratulations on the well deserved award. Your work just gets better and better - I love it!

  12. That jewelry would have stopped me in my tracks, love all those shapes. When a customer tells me at a show that my work is unique I always say that is the highest compliment you can give me, Your work certainly falls into that category. I agree the homemade gifts are the best kind, my 18 year old wrote me a poem that made me cry.

  13. Congrats on all the rewards of your weekend, from the show and from your kids. Follow your heart and take your designs where you want to go with them, I think it's really working for you :).

  14. Congratulations, Staci. You certainly deserve it! The booth looks awesome and your pieces are all stars in the show.

  15. Congrats on your award, and on your Mother's Day gifts from your obviously wonderful children. I think your daughter thinks B is pretty cool too, since she circled "Expert..." :D

  16. That is so awesome you got an award! you totally deserve it!!

  17. Beautiful post! What fun to have two awards in your family. Wonder if the judges knew you were related. I'm with you regarding creating what you like. Unless I have a custom order, I have to be true to myself and create what I like and would wear, not what I "think" others would like.
    Look forward seeing where your new ideas take you - have fun!