Monday, April 8, 2013

Boot Camp- Textured Metal Blog Hop

(if you are still hopping with the Bead Soup blog hop, click here or just scroll down one post)
It is time for our second Art Jewelry Boot Camp Blog Hop.  This time around we talked about texturing metal- whether in sheet or wire form.  We talked about what you can use as far as tools and materials to texture.  This boot camp was specific to hand texturing- no etching or rolling mills allowed! 
I decided to use the piece I made using letter stamps on wire, in my finished piece.  I find that I have too many started items lying around that never make their way into finished jewlery. 
Here was the piece I made for Love my Art Jewelry.

So I made a couple of matching spirals, cut some jump rings, made a textured clasp to match and put together this piece.  I just LOVE all the texture in it.

The ceramic beads are by Marsha Neal Studio, the stones that dangle in the front are fossil stones.
Texturing wire was really fun, and I wouldn't have really tried it if it weren't for Boot Camp.
If you want to hop along and see what everyone else made, check out Love my Art Jewelry.


  1. Gorgeous necklace Staci. Love those copper swirls you taught us to make. And with Marsha's beads--just a fab combination!! Hope to have time next hop to participate. I did try out a couple of the tuts which are great.

  2. This is stunning. The texture is wonderful.

  3. I just LOVE this boot camp. Totally cool necklace. I love how your work has a certain earthy, "came from some other time" essence to it. I just love your creativity in this one. The trio of spirals gives it heft and the dangles of old give it sway. LOVE IT!

    I had never thought to use my letter stamps in this way. Thanks for opening my mind to new ideas and making me drool at the same time!

  4. Thanks so much for this boot camp! Loved looking at the "others" for texturing ideas. And for sharing this wonderful spirals. A perfect fit with your jewelry design style.
    What's next?? Can hardly wait.

  5. I love your wire spirals and the necklace turned out beautifully!

  6. Wonderful as always! I'm surprised that you would not have tried texture. It seems to fit perfectly with your style! Love the ceramic beads too!

  7. <3 you know how much I love your work!!!!

  8. Love these swirls!!!!! They really speak to me

  9. OMG - Staci - this is amazing!!! I love the use of three spirals (I'm a three person). And I just love the way the pieces lay and move when you wear them :)

    I love that you make such beautiful work with my ceramic pieces - I'm SO honored!!!