Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have 4 weeks until the Berks Bead Bazaar.  I am now, officially in panic mode.

I know I can get done in time.  But when you see what I am dealing with, well, let me show you.....................

Right now, I am making things in the little space at the end of my desk here....................

However, if I move my elbow, things come crashing down.

What I need to do, is prioritize.  I have beads, in all stages, waiting to be finished.  I have LOTS of beads made, but none are totally finished.  So the time for some major major lists is in order.  

Finishing my bronze is a multi-part task....with both antiquing and patina.  Some have been antiqued, but I need to start the patina pieces, so they have do big batches like this, it takes me 2 weeks of this and that and adding color and finishing and waxing, ect........

Here is the bronze I have made.

So I need to get on the ball.  about 1/4 of the bronze requires a cut, hammered and antiqued backing that they get riveted to, or toggle bars that need to be made.  So that needs to be done.

I have polymer in all stages, but need to make much much more.  Then they need to get painted and sealed.

 These are ready to bake.

These are just baked.

These are my daughter Julia's beads.  I am letting her have a little tray to sell at Berks Bead Bazaar.  

She made them with no help for me, except the holes. I made the holes.  I showed her how to make hearts and she was off.  She even drew sketches of the beads she wanted to make (like the diamond heart cross bead) and then she just made them.  Tomorrow I will teach her to sand them and paint them with some fun finishes.  If you come out to Berks, you will get to meet her, because she is my helper.

These are the only finished polymer beads I have ready for the show, and they are not really ready.

So that is where I am at, complete and sheer panic.  

Oh- I almost forgot my copper clay beads.  Want to see them?  Oh, you can't, because they are still only in my head.  I need to make poppies, eyes, and some of those fun double sided polymer and copper clay beads.  

ok.  I can do this.  I always do, right?  *sigh*  No etchings will happen for Berks this year, but that's ok with me.  I am hoping to make some more fun sheet metal stuff though, like my flowers, and some planet like lentil beads that I am keeping a secret for now.  But alas, you will have to come to Berks to see what I actually complete.

Can you guys do me a favor?  If you see me cruising facebook in the afternoon, can you yell at me to GO AND MAKE THE BEADS?  Thanks. I need that kick in the butt sometimes.


  1. LOL you actually have the same amount of "work" space as I do right now!

  2. Your daughter rocks!! So great she will have a space too.

  3. I'm making a large necklace right now and I don't even have room to lay it out in full! sigh! You WILL make it Staci! I love your daughter's beads!

  4. haaaaaaaaa.. when I show you MY workspace, then you can be happy about all the space you DO have! xoxo - it will all work out just fine -- you did so well last year & your stuff is GORG!
    see ya then staci!

  5. i love everything ..what you need is another, small pop up table(me ,too)...and what weird Murphy's law makes the clear creating space shrink the more work one does..i clear off the table..and then in no time again there is only a 12 x 12" open work space..what's up with that??

  6. Little by little you get things done. Just get things in order in your head or on paper and punch them out! Can't wait to see both of your work up there :)

  7. So happy you'll be joining us at Berks Bead Bazaar again this year. Looking forward to seeing all your FINISHED goodies :)

  8. Take a deep breath and relax with a cup of tea before you make your list. You'll be fine; your work has always shown that to be true!

    Take a couple of 15 minute slots to organize your "to do" piles into the order that they must be completed so that you can visualize what needs to be accomplished. It will also free up a little space so that you can work more freely. I have to do the exact same thing and it might seem overly-simple but it works for me.

    Best of luck to you!

  9. Breathe...and just do the next thing. Can't wait to see what you are keeping secret! xo