Friday, December 14, 2012

A Sad Sad Heart

How many tree's will sit, with gifts waiting for someone who will not open them?  How many parents will have to go on with a holiday, that no longer has joy for them. 
Having three children of my own in elementary school, I try to imagine, and the mere thought, just takes the breath from my lungs, and I am left gasping- with sobs that come in waves.
My deepest heartfelt condolences to the families who will have one less loved one around the tree this year.  My prayers to the teacher and staff, who will spend their holiday wishing they could have done something more.  My thoughts are with a community saturated with tragedy, as they figure out, how to go on, with out fear, without hate. 
This sort of crime, this sort of evil, comes from such a twisted place of devastation, such a place of hopelessness.  I can only imagine what horror this gunman lived inside his unstable mind. 
What can we do?  I think that's the question we all ask ourselves.  How can we make a difference? How do we go on after something like this? 
I keep coming back to this.  If a tragedy like this, is born of evil, born of hopelessness, then we, can only combat it by having hope.  We can only do our part to NOT be evil in the world.  We can be a little more patient.  We can be a little kinder to those whom we'd rather not be.  We can love, teach love, be love.
That is all.  Love.  Pray.  Hope. 


  1. Replies
    1. me either. and I can't wait for my other two kids to be home. breath by breath, its that kinda day.

  2. Thank you for saying this. I willfully combat with hope.

  3. beautifully said . . .

  4. Thank you Staci. Tears are still coursing down my face, yet hope comes to the surface....

  5. Well said. In times like this, hope may be all we have. Yet I can't seem to stop the tears. I pray for those whose tears will come long after this horrible event is a thing of the past. Sometimes we must remember in order for change to happen.

  6. And the teachers too. Some of them were still so young.
    May they all rest in peace.