Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Birthday Blessing and then some

Well, after a rough, and emotionally draining week......I can truely say I had a blessed birthday Monday.  I turned 39.  I am very ok with that.  There was a time in my life, I would have thought that was old, but not today.  I am excited for this second half of my journey.  I love the wisdom, the confidence, and the retrospecitve insights that my latter years have brought me.

My birthday was no grand celebration.  We didn't go out to dinner, there were no balloons or banners.  However, I did wake to this.................................

A pack of sharpie markers and notebook complete with pockets (for all my scrap notes I make) from my oldest, Aiden- along with a sign he made me to hang on my studio of a fish he drew- It says "staci's studio"
Julia made me that wonderful purple and red necklace- it features her own handmade bead.
Collin also made me a necklace with a bead he made, and gave me his cloth from bible school with paint on it (a banner) and about 4-6 cards....I've lost count, cause they keep coming!  How's that for making you feel special.
So really, this was the best party I could have asked for.  My kids know me so well, they made special things they knew I'd love.  There is nothing better then that.
Although, this is close.  My dear friend Genea sent me some beads for my birthday.  This one was my favorite- I have had my eye on it forever!!!!  I made it into something special for myself right away.  It's so perfect.  Her detail is amazing.  I hope it did this bead justice.  It needed the right balance, of substance- to carry her large heart design, yet simplicity, to not overpower her bead. 

And even with some colds going through the family, lice, and a dog that needed a drain in his face (twice daily wound flushing by yours truely)......I have found time to make Christmas Gifts. 
And here is the kicker......................NO GRUMBLING.
In light of all that has happend, I can honestly say, its helped me to be more thankful then ever, more patient, more kind.  Why does it take something horrible for us to REALLY see that sometimes? 
I am working on some gifts involving my kids pics......
I old timed it up a little. I can't show you until after Christmas- cause the receivers read my blog!!!!
I also made ornaments for friends.  Can't take the Dead Head out of me just because its Christmas.  (look for some of these polymer sugar skulls in the bead shop after Christmas)

And today, I got to slow down with my girly who is home sick, and we wrapped presents, and talked, and we discussed important things, like what color we think germs may be, and how many shops are required to be a Promanade.  LOL!  She cracks me up.
I hope you are all having a good time preparing for this holiday instead of being stressed.  This year, more then ever, we should be aware, of the things that really matter.
Blessings to you all.


  1. Happy Birthday! I loved turning 40 I felt so old and wise and reborn as an amazing new woman! I like your necklace it's so cool! It's wonderful to have presents from the kids, I remember those days so well. Happy holidays :)

  2. Happy Birthday Staci. And I must say...those ornaments ROCK! Now I want to make some. You know how I LOVE skullies! ♥♥♥

  3. Happy Birthday! I love how your kids showered you with their own handmade gifts. I have a pile of similar gifts and cards from my own three children who are now all but grown. Oh how I miss those days.

    I love those ornaments, and the necklace you made is fabulous!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. What wonder birthday gifts from your children! I can see they inherited your creativity gene!

    The heart bead from Genea is stunning...and you turned it into a work of art. What an amazing necklace! I love what you created.

    Happy holidays to you and your family!

  5. Staci, you really nailed with that necklace! Just gorgeous!! The colors remind me of an abelone shell.