Friday, November 30, 2012


I have a little spare room that I get to call my own studio.  It works, and I use every sqaure inch of it.  I have recently started to clean and organize, since it gets way out of control after show season, but that post is for another day!!!
I make this work by utilizing the top of my work tables as well as below.  I use shoe organizers on top to give me small shelving- I use little wood boxes under my solder station for my hammers and tools, so they are easy to grab, and I made a little solder station by the window. 
I can easily bead, cut, file, hammer, and turn to solder easily.  Sometimes, small is good.

Things that I would  do differently if I could:
rip out the carpet- nothing good comes of carpet in a metal studio
build in tables that are sturdy and higer
use that extra height to put drawers on rollers under my tables, and be able to store more things below and not so much on top. I could have a set for patina, polymer, beading stuff, ect.....and just wheel out what I need.
Other then that, I love my little studio.  She does good for me.


  1. Great use of space! So light and bright- must be nice to have windows ;)

  2. I work in a similar small space and completely understand the challenges. But I absolutely love the orchid tucked in by the window.

  3. The windows are awesome, though they cut down on space I could use on the walls (more shelves)- but the daytime light is wonderful. The light in the room at night is bad, I need to just get a new light for in there and have the hubs put it in! I try to tuck in lots of little things that inspire me, like art from friends, and the orchid. The only plants I have!!!!