Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jewelry is Listed

I finally listed some jewelry in my shop!  LONG overdue.  I have a plan to list a couple things each week, since I am now done shows for the year.  I will let you guys know each time I list.  Everything is one of a kind, and though I may be able to make something similar, no two items will ever be a like.  Due to the nature of the materials I use, I may not even be able to replicate items. 
Here are some of my new listings....................


Now- I have a 70's party to get ready for, and a sick kid.....................again.  The croupy cough is back.  My poor, germy baby!  Wish my luck!


  1. I like the pearls in the butterfly wings necklace - it's a nice feminine touch, while the necklace is still funky :)
    Staci, I wish you would sell your "swirls" in your component shop!

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