Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hooters Challenge

Owls, people, talking about owls.  I entered a cool design challenge on the new Artisan Whimsy site.  We were challenged to either create a component or piece of jewelry- that included an owl.  I chose to use a Lisa Peters Art focal for mine.
The focal just spoke to me.  I think, he kinda reminded me of Bubo- the Mechanical Owl from Clash of the Titans.

Bubo in Clash of the Titans (1981 film)
Lisa Peters Cab that I used
Bubo, in Greek Mythology, was a mechanical owl created to replicated Athena's magical owl- also named Bubo. 
So, if Bubo was a good enough name for Athena's Magical Owl, then it's good enough for the name of my piece.  I tried to capture the metal and magic in this piece, using nickle silver, chain, pearls, gemstones, and a textured disc bead by Marsha Neal Studio, and a glass headpin drop by Genea Beads.
Here is Bubo!  My Magical Owl Necklace.

If you like it, you can vote for me here.  Please vote (I never do these things, and really want to nail this!!!).  You do have to join the site, but let me tell you, its free, and there is so much information, that no matter what your medium, you will find something new and interesting on here.


  1. Lol Bubo. I hated that owl in the movie. I thought he was pretty cheesy, but I love your necklace! It's a perfect mix of your style with the owl element. I love my headpin on the bottom! I will vote for ya when they open voting :D Good luck!

    xo Genea

  2. That's gorgeous Staci! When I first saw here I thought "I'm gonna vote for that one!" And then I remembered I was entered in the contest too! LOL I love your designs!

  3. Wow! That is a gorgeous piece!!

  4. Your Bubo is so amazingly awesome!! I love checking out your designs, they always make me gasp and go,.."oh wow!" - This is an amazing entry - good luck over at Artisan Whimsy! :-)

  5. Love, love, love your entry. So creative and so Staci style. Good luck with the voting.

  6. LOVE IT STACI! I forgot to tell you I voted! xo

  7. LOVE IT STACI! I forgot to tell you I voted! xo

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