Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bead Fest Flu and The Rest of the Week

Well, bead fest was awesome, but the reason I haven't blogged is because a bunch of us that were at
Bead Fest got sick about tuesday of last week.  We are calling it the Bead Fest Flu.  It starts wtih a yucky throat and can have symptoms ranging from coughing, to sinus infections, to ear and tonsil infections.  There is surely a fever that comes and goes as well.
I am pretty sure next year you will see me with purple hair, a mask and gloves on.  I love to look through the piles of gemstones for hidden treasures, but they come from all over the world, who knows what flu's ride in on them?????  Anyhow, I got off pretty easy with only a fever and ear and tonsil infections that cleared on their own (with lots of rest, vitamins, garlic, double E immune booster and some mucinex).  The worst part was just how tired I was....(and sitll am if I over do it).  So I am sure it was some sort of flu I fought off (you go immune system!!!!)
So, now you know, if you Bead Fest, be prepared.  I am an obsessive hand santizer, and I still got sick.  So beware.
In other new, some beads got made, the kids started school, and I am working on some special jewely for magazine submissions.  I hope they like them as much as I do;)
First Day of School
Collin started Kindergarten- monrings, Julia is in second and Aiden is in 5th Grade!  They are growing up so fast I can't stand it!
Julia turns 8 today!  She was born under a full moon, and was my most wonderful, beautiful birth!  She has been a special girl ever since, who tugs on everyone's heart strings and always makes us laugh.  Here are some of my favorite pics of her through the years.

Isn't she a sweetheart?  So is soo imaginative, and so funny- she just loves to laugh!
Happy Birthday Jules!
OK- now for the beads, all are listed in my etsy shop right now.
Some sets made up of one of my leaves, and one of Lisa Peters rustic flower beads, in honor of my Rustic Bouquet piece in Belle Armoire Fall 2012.
You could follow my design from the magazine, or you could just use the similar components in your own creation- which I'd love to see when you are done!

I used my new wood cut blocks I picked up at bead fest on some copper clay and made these cuties.

And I added some Blue Moons and some Suns.

Have a great weekend and enjoy our Blue Moon (its not really blue though) this friday!


  1. You are so talented - just love your work. Sorry you all got sick - no fun at all.

  2. Looks like I dodged a bullet at Bead Fest, since I met everyone that seemed to get the bug. Anyway thanks for not sharing. I did not unpack my beads until the other day, hoping the viruses were probably fried by then.
    I need to clean up my beads after a show with some alcohol to get rid of all those finger prints. Those bead people like to fondle those beads.
    Hope you feel better, sweet kids I love the name tag on Colin. This year my one and only Natalie is a senior so I am sure all year I will be saying, "this is the last first day of school drop off" etc, etc, etc. Maybe not, just remembered she is driving herself to school the first day.

    1. Some of those finger prints were mine! LOL! I definitely fondled your beads;) So glad you didn't get sick!

  3. Beautiful components, Staci! Each one an inspiration! Also going to check out the new Belle Armoire, congratulations! They like you a lot! The Bead Show Bug, that's an eye-opener! Beaders need a strong immune system! Your children are beautiful and the pictures of Julia just brought a tear to my eye - I have a daughter also - lots of sweet memories!
    I enjoy all of your posts!

    1. sweet. Daughters are special, aren't they?

      thanks for the compliments too!

  4. So sorry that you got sick. But I am sure that Bead Fest was worth it, right? That cutie is sweet! Such a lively spirit! Happy day to your little lovelie! And I love your new kits and the copper with the stamps. Swooning over here! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Sorry you have been under the weather, actually, there has been an upper respiratory thing going around down here (Virginia) with a lot of the same symptoms and last week I felt like I was fighting something off too. I did the vit. C mega doses and yogurt and rest too, so good news is , it probably wasn't the beads from another country, just the close quarters and someone sharing their germs! Your children are precious and I can see why Julia has been a source of pure joy for you. Just picked up the new Belle Armoire mag, will have to look for your piece!