Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Back.......Kinda

I am back from vacation, and it was a blast. Though I won't open my shops until I get a little caught up, and I have new stuff to add also. At least I feel refreshed and ready to work again!

It was a beautiful week on LBI, with some close calls with storms that didn't really hit us, and only one that did. Warm ocean, clean water, easy waves (only one windy rough day). Couldn't have asked for a better week.

We rent a house and friends and family come and go throughout it, and we feel truely blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives (you know who you are)! Love you all;

Here are some pics.

We were pretty much at the beach every chance we got.  The kids (above) are in a tide pool here, where the bay comes through the jetty at high tide.  LOVE playing in these!

My and my hunny- at our favorite place to be, LBI!
Dolphin Watching!

We had lots of family and friends stay for a bit- cousins and friends, OH MY!  What fun!

Great times, kids had fun together.  Great memories.

I will be back on track soon.  Still cleaning and catching up on things around here.  Thanks guys!!!


  1. Staci!! LBI?!?! Where on LBI where you? My sister has a place in Harvey's Cedars, and we're going to be heading down for a week later in August. *LOVElovelove* LBI :)

    Your pictures are awesome, looks like everyone had a great time!

    1. Holly- we stay in Brant Beach. We frequent barnagat though. Love it down there!

  2. Replies
    1. Long Beach Island New Jersey:) shhhhhh..........its a best kept secret